Is WayV's Lucas innocent? Fans hire cyber team, find proof to debunk dating scandal

Is WayV's Lucas innocent? Fans hire cyber team, find proof to debunk dating scandal
Fans trend 'Lucas innocent' (@wayvofficial/Instagram)

Previously, NCT and WayV’s Lucas was embroiled in dating, cheating and gaslighting scandals. Some fans immediately turned their back on him and even requested SM Entertainment to remove him from his groups. But when SM and Lucas released apology letters, they neither accepted nor denied the rumors which gave fans hope. These fans have taken it one step further and have now found tangible proof by hiring a cyber investigation team to debunk the rumors. 

A group of Lumis (Lucas’ fandom) got together and then released their findings on Soompi’s community board on September 11. With more and more fans finding it, it has gone viral with ‘Lucas innocent’ trending as they have tried to bring it to SM’s notice. It seems that the investigation took place in the last five days and the group believes that they have found enough to prove that all of the rumors were, in fact, just rumors. And they have released a timeline of their findings.

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The cyber team's findings

On August 22, a mysterious account was created that tweeted that Lucas would be exposed. The cyber team found out that it was made by someone who is not Korean and had used a translation platform to tweet in Korean. The account was also active between August 22 to 29 which means that the attack was premeditated. The team also traced ‘@Ooooshiiim’, the original accuser’s digital footprint.

They found that ‘@Ooooshiiim’ was a fan of BL (Boy Love) mangas, especially one where a character is similar to Lucas. They also found the user’s Instagram which was made with an Indonesian number. The Soompi community board also shared previous evidence that had debunked the initial rumors like the voice note coming from Bubble, a social media platform while the text messages were fabricated on an editing app. They also found the photos of Lucas shared by the accuser were bought from a Korean sasaeng (stalker). Also the ring the accuser they claimed they bought for Lucas was bought by group member Winwin.

The second accuser lives overseas and the cyber team reports that their chats with Lucas seem fabricated. The third alleged ex-girlfriend’s Weibo account stated that the person was a male and lived in Ningxia, China. Even the photo they posted of Lucas in a hotel room and sleeping is reportedly from his WayV dorm in 2018 before the accuser claimed they met Lucas. And reflections show that Lucas was with a man in the photo. The cyber team again concluded that the texts between the third accuser and Lucas were fabricated.

They also found that the accuser’s photos of buying a jacket for Lucas and its receipt were taken from Google and the store was shut when the alleged conversation took place. The fourth alleged ex-girlfriend is also identified as male. Even their supposed texts with Lucas are reportedly fabricated. The first accuser’s second post was also debunked since the days she claimed she met Lucas, he was either in Beijing London or USA. 

Other fans also combed through the accusers’ statements and found that nowhere did it say that Lucas had sexually abused them. Fans hope that SM is also privately investigating the rumors and will add these findings that the cyber team has uncovered.

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