BTS is not K-pop: ARMY cancels 'Good Morning America' for saying Bangtan Boys are new to music scene

ABC's 'Good Morning America' faced backlash from ARMY for saying BTS is new to the music scene despite interviewing them since 2017

                            BTS is not K-pop: ARMY cancels 'Good Morning America' for saying Bangtan Boys are new to music scene
J-Hope, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, Jin, and RM of BTS accept Top Duo/Group onstage during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (Getty Images)

BTS' ARMY is up against 'Good Morning America' after the ABC Network show interviewed the Bangtan Boys on May 28 and called them 'new' to the music scene. The septet also performed their massive hits such as 'Butter' and 'Dynamite' on the show. The performances were displayed on giant billboards in New York City's Times Square with little to no audiences present to witness it and ARMY have branded this as a disrespectful move. 

The hosts also described BTS as a K-pop group, leaving ARMY seething with anger. According to a report by Weverse, BTS has surpassed the K-pop genre. The band has infused American pop with their Korean identity and mixed it with their individual taste to carve BTS-pop, a brand new category of music. Weverse is a fan app that was created by HYBE (then Big Hit Entertainment).


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'BTS is not K-pop'

"#BTSonGMA what are you doing? We only need to know that BTS only wants to see reports about BTS, and you don't need to insert films introducing K-pop culture while talking about BTS, K-pop ≠BTS fuck you @gma FREE BTS from the K-pop," read a tweet. "It's BTS POP no kpop #BTSonGMA," tweeted another. "@GMA That segment on K-pop before #BTSonGMA was unnecessary and ridiculous. Do. Better," tweeted another fan. 

"PLEASE RESPECT BTS STOP MENTIONING OTHER K-pop GROUPS THAT DIDN'T ACHIEVE EVEN 10% OF WHAT THEY HAVE !! #BTSonGMA," tweeted an angry fan. "The whole GMA interview *facepalm Disappointed, but not surprised What else can you expect?!! Calling them as new in the scene? Sounded like a local who just knew dynamite /butter n thought it's the only one. And adding K-pop into the narrative.. Ddaeng #BTSonGMA," tweeted another. 

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'GMA' canceled for saying BTS is new to music scene 

"GMA: BTS are new to the K-pop scene. Also GMA: has been interviewing BTS since 2017 #BTSonGMA," read a tweet. "BTS is bigger than the K-pop category. you can’t call them the biggest group on the planet one day and “new on the scene” the next also it’s #BTS_Butter #BTSonGMA," tweeted another fan. "They’ve been making music for 8 years, @GMA they aren’t new and they are their own genre of music and transcend Kpop. Next time, get some ARMY to help you with your segment #BTSonGMA," wrote another fan. 




What is BTS-Pop?

The Weverse article states, 'Butter' is "somewhat as an amalgamation of cheerful pop music, happy-go-lucky yet elaborate American teen musicals like 'Grease', and the kind of performances characteristic of K-pop boy bands, but it’s also something more than that, which doesn’t fit into any category. In that sense, 'Butter' is BTS-pop — something that only BTS can pull off, and only now. Only a team that holds onto its Korean idol group roots while also topping the Billboard Hot 100 could possibly come up with 'Butter'"

"BTS has BEEN saying their music is their own. They BEEN saying the genre is BTS. They BEEN saying BTS-pop. And one member even called out people mentioning their name to uplift themselves in their song and y'all STILL DO IT????? Free BTS I beg!!!" tweeted a fan. "BTS AREN'T EXACTLY K-POP THEY ARE BTS-POP. BTS IS THE GENRE! UNDERSTAND THAT FIRST!!" another angry fan tweeted, slamming 'GMA' for the folly. "BTS IS BTS-POP!! STOP THIS COATTAIL RIDING AND GROUP PROJECT CRAP ON GOD!" read another tweet. 




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