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What is BTS-pop? Big Hit says Bangtan Boys' 'Butter' carved new genre, ARMY says 'BTS IS THE GENRE'

Big Hit's Weverse claims 'Butter' is BTS-pop as it holds onto its Korean idol group roots while topping the Billboard Hot 100, and ARMY agrees
UPDATED MAY 27, 2021
Big Hit now claims that BTS' 'Butter' is a new genre (BTS Twitter)
Big Hit now claims that BTS' 'Butter' is a new genre (BTS Twitter)

BTS, the South Korean Grammy-nominated boy band that took the world by storm, is creating a new genre that should be called BTS-pop, claims a report by Weverse (the fan app by HYBE for groups such as BTS, TXT and Seventeen). According to the report, BTS has surpassed the K-pop genre. The band has infused American pop with their Korean identity and mixed it with their individual taste to carve BTS-pop, a brand new category of music.

"'Butter' is BTS-pop — something that only BTS can pull off, and only now. Only a team that holds onto its Korean idol group roots while also topping the Billboard Hot 100 could possibly come up with 'Butter,'" Myungseok Kang for Weverse wrote. With Big Hit claiming the genre BTS-pop, ARMY believes that the age-old debate of whether BTS is just a K-pop band will now take a backseat as they are a whole new genre itself. Weverse is a fan app that was created by HYBE (then Big Hit Entertainment).


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What is BTS-pop?

According to Big Hit's Weverse, BTS has started a whole new genre of music with 'Butter' and ARMY agrees that BTS is a legendary genre in itself. Bangtan Sonyeondan aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts or Beyond the Scene, the septet who debuted only eight years ago has managed to achieve the heights of success that no music group in history has managed to obtain in such a short span.

With every new comeback, the group adds a few more credits to the Guinness World Records. The Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping group's only competition is themselves as they continue to cross new streaming and viewing milestones. 'Butter' broke the record for the most viewed music video on YouTube with a whopping 108.2M views, replacing their last summer single 'Dynamite'. The song also flaunted a new BTS, the confident one who can deliver lines such as "Smooth like butter/ Like a criminal undercover/ Gon' pop like trouble/ Breakin' into your heart like that!"

BTS snagged all four awards in BBMAs that the group was nominated for (BTS Twitter)

'The performance does the talking'

Speaking of how BTS has molded a new genre, the Weverse article claims, 'Butter' is "an amalgamation of cheerful pop music, happy-go-lucky yet elaborate American teen musicals like Grease, and the kind of performances characteristic of K-pop boy bands, but it’s also something more than that, which doesn’t fit into any category."

BTS-pop has resonated with ARMY as the fanbase is now taking to Twitter to declare their approval for the new genre. A fan shared, "BTS -POP" "The performance does the talking" Ik that's right." Another ARMY swooned, "I'm dreaming or bighit said "BTS POP!" Quoting the article, a fan shared, “They really have come a long way, this team that has always had ARMY behind them and shouts out to them to keep moving forward. BTS POP, BTS IS THE GENRE!"




An ARMY has summarized the feeling, gushing, "ARMY has a special, very rare relationship with @BTS_twt. Our journey together has been forged because of the genuine synergy between BTS & ARMY. I’m proud of Bangtan’s discography because every track gives us something uniquely beautiful. #BTS_Butter is #BTS POP PERFECTION!"


Immersed in BTS-pop fever? Stream the group's legendary 'Butter' performance for 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' below.