When will new episode of Run BTS air? Full behind schedule as K-pop group takes a hiatus to promote 'Butter'

When will new episode of Run BTS air? Full behind schedule as K-pop group takes a hiatus to promote 'Butter'
'Run BTS' will take a hiatus ahead of 'Butter' release (BTS Twitter)

'Run BTS', the popular K-pop variety show, has taken a hiatus after their collaboration series with 'The Game Caterers' ended on May 14. The variety show of Grammy-nominated K-pop act BTS will be back after a month-long break. Read on to know when the show will be back and the complete Run BTS behind schedule that will be filling up the days until the Bangtan Boys are back to entertain the ARMY again.

'Run BTS' which took a break after airing their 141st episode, can easily take the crown for being one of the most viewed K-pop variety show which has been gaining more and more buzz as the episodes progress and Bangtan boys find ways to make it equally hilarious from the time the show premiered. The show which usually airs from Naver Vlive and Weverse app every Tuesday at 9 pm KST, also releases some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage which is typically behind a paywall. While 'Run BTS' will be taking a break, Big Hit Music will release a bunch of behind-the-scenes content for the viewers.



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BTS for Run BTS x The Game Caterers (The Game Caterers Instagram)

Why is there no new episode of Run BTS on May 18

Run BTS has taken a hiatus for a month to promote their upcoming single 'Butter' which will be released on May 21. Following that, BTS will be performing their new English single on Billboards Music Awards on May 23. BBMAs will mark 'Butter's first stage performance, following which, the Grammy-nominated K-pop act is likely to promote the song through a number of shows. 


BTS 'Butter' releasing on May 21st (BTS Instagram)

When will 'Run BTS' be back?

Date and time


'Run BTS' will come back after a month on June 15. The show will resume its usual Tuesday slot at 9 pm KST once it is back from hiatus.

Full Run BTS Behind schedule

In the meantime, there will be a number of Run BTS Behind The Scenes shows dropping. Check below to know the complete schedule.


May 20 - 4th muster clip 1 (15 mins), 9 PM KST

May 27 - 4th muster clip 2 (10 mins), 9 PM KST


June 3  - 'Run BTS' Tennis rally full version (part 1 & 2) (30 mins), 9 PM KST

June 10 - 'Run BTS' Tennis rally full version (Part 3 to 5) (45 mins), 9 PM KST



Where to watch/ How to live stream

All 'Behind the scenes' footage will be available on the Weverse app. Though 'Run BTS' behind the scene footages will most likely be paid content for which BTS ARMY can buy a monthly pass from the app to access the content. Check the app here for more info.


Kim Taehyung of BTS on the Behind The Scene snaps shared by 'The Game Caterers' (Instagram)

While BTS ARMY waits for 'Run BTS' to be back, 'Butter' final teaser will be released on May 19 12 am KST, followed by 'Butter MV' on May 21. Check here for the teaser update. Keep an eye on this space for all the latest BTS news updates.


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