BTS Taekook's 'fear the double bunny' and Jimin's English at Stephen Colbert show floors ARMY

BTS members taught cute hand gestures to ARMY besides giving a mesmerizing performance of 'Butter' at 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

                            BTS Taekook's 'fear the double bunny' and Jimin's English at Stephen Colbert show floors ARMY
BTS melted ARMY with their 'Butter' performance and a hilarious segment of teaching hand gestures (BTS Twitter/ Stephen Colbert Late Show YouTube)

BTS returned on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' after their iconic 2019 performance and the group outshined their last act. The band members oozed charisma in black and white suits while performing 'Butter', and according to ARMY, they looked like music royalty.

Along with a mesmerizing 'Butter' choreography, BTS was also seen teaching cute hand gestures to ARMY while speaking in fluent English. In one segment, Taekook has an interaction where BTS V aka Kim Taehyung says, "Fear the double bunny". Interestingly, this has made its way to top Twitter trends as fans swooned over the Bangtan boys' onscreen charm.


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'Fear the double bunny'

BTS members were teaching cute hand gestures such as the extremely popular finger heart, which has been synonymous with Korean culture worldwide. 'Winter Bear' V showed how to make a piece of pizza with the 'peace sign' and golden 'maknae' Jungkook showed how to make 'live long and prosper' sign. He jokingly claimed that it was he who had originally created the sign but Star Trek took it from him as it takes place in the future. Taekook also won ARMY's hearts when a very serious looking Taehyung explained how to make a dangerous 'double bunny' sign on Jungkook (known as the bunny). Taetae said, "Beware (of) the double bunny. Fear the double bunny." 

Taehyung says, 'fear the double bunny' (Late Show Stephen Colbert YouTube)

Smitten by Taekook's cute interactions, a fan wrote, "I will never be over taekook's cute double bunny skit! I wonder who got this idea...need a bangtan bomb of taekook practicing the skit pwease!" Another fan shared a snippet of the 'double bunny' in question aka Jungkook who looks absolutely ravishing in 'Butter', saying, "Taehyung didn't lie when he said: But this is called the double bunny, it's stronger, powerful, dangerous. Beware the double bunny, fear the double bunny!" A fan quipped, "This is what Taehyung meant when he said FEAR THE DOUBLE BUNNY!"





BTS performed 'Butter' on the late show (Late Show Stephen Colbert YouTube)

'I can listen to Jimin's English for a whole day'

Jimin made fans roll with laughter with his hand gestures for "I am going out for a nice walk", or "going for a run", the hilarious "forget running, I just got a new pogo stick" and the ultimate "help, this guy stole my pogo stick". Fans said they could listen to Jimin's English all day long. A fan wrote, "I can listen to Jimin's English for a whole day!" Another fan chimed in gushing, "jimin's english is such an eargasm!"



BTS performed their latest English single, the record-breaking Summer anthem 'Butter' on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' on Tuesday, May 25. Check the performance here.


Watch BTS teaching hand gestures to ARMY here.


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