Kim Taehyung shares 'teardrop diamond' snap from 'Map Of the Soul', ARMY says 'Greek god came to life'

'The palette goddess used to create him literally made Picasso shed a tear'

                            Kim Taehyung shares 'teardrop diamond' snap from 'Map Of the Soul', ARMY says 'Greek god came to life'
Kim Taehyung shared teardrop diamond snap (BTS Twitter)

BTS V aka Kim Taehyung has come 'home' and ARMY couldn't be more glad. The 'Sweet Night' crooner shared a sneak peek from their upcoming 'Map Of The Soul' photobook and that was enough for Taetae fans to go bonkers admiring the beauty of the 'Greek God'. V also talked to fans in Weverse, BTS' fan app, where his humor once again made ARMY swoon over him.

The 'Winter Bear' crooner has been MIA on social media for a long time. In 2021, the 25-year-old Grammy-nominated artist has barely been seen active on social media. Earlier, he replied that he wants ARMY 'to miss him more.' He has been silently reading ARMY posts but not making many on his own. 


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The meaning behind his 'teardrops diamond' photo

BTS has recently been teasing their new 'Map Of The Soul' photobook and Kim Taehyung's striking visuals in the photobook have made everyone 'fall' for him all over again. Along with that, the curious concept of Taetae adding teardrops as diamonds on his face has also made ARMY theorize the possible meaning behind it. A BTS fan wrote, "Taehyung channeling "Love Yourself: Tear" with Greek God persona!"

Entertainment reporter Ellie Bate previously gushed, "kim taehyung really out there in the world looking like a statue of a greek god come to life. i’m weak!" Another fan chimed in saying, "kim taehyung has been painted in the most florescent colors. the pallet goddess used to create him literally made picasso shed a tear." A fan spills facts, "taehyung looks like a greek sculpture!"






Kim Taehyung's humor has ARMY floored

BTS V is adored by fans for always having a playful, heart-to-heart connection with fans which has been untainted throughout the group's trajectory of growth. He can seamlessly make jokes with ARMY and even be 'sassy'. In the latest edition of Kim Taehyung being Kim Taehyung, the 'Blue and Grey' singer talked to a BTS fan who uploaded a picture of Beryllium and wrote, "I was studying science but suddenly my heart fluttered..." To which Kim BTS V replied, "beryllium.. was it always a heart-fluttering word..?" and added, "currently memo-ing (noted)." After that, another fan wrote, "Taehyung your existence itself makes my heart!" to which Taehyung quickly quipped, "I am beryllium!"




BTS has also shared a series of short films from the photoshoot of 'Map Of The Soul' photobook. Check out BTS V's ethereal film here.


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