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Pooja  Salvi

Pooja Salvi

Pooja Salvi has written for several English dailies before making the move to online journalism. She has written about books, arts, culture, music, literature, current affairs, gender, sexuality, and on a rare day that she gets lucky, cats. At MEA WW, she is Principal Correspondent covering special features. When not writing, she is reading or daydreaming.

Apocalypse now? Blue light flashes in sky convinces Mexican Twitter the end is nigh

Many Twitter users posted videos of the blue flashes. The lights, that can shift from bright purple to green to blue, are known as 'Earthquake Lights'
Sep 11, 2021

Is Wendy Williams OK? TV host looks 'sickly' in blue hospital socks, bathrobe

Wendy Williams was spotted stepping out of a black SUV wearing a gold and cream robe and blue socks, being led into her Manhattan apartment building
Sep 11, 2021

Texas 'Karen' ends up using N-word while slamming NWA lyrics at school board meeting

The woman complained about NWA’s popular anti-police song 'F*** Tha Police' being taught in the curriculum and ended up using the N-word
Sep 11, 2021

Cesar Millan's pit bull Junior alleged to have killed Queen Latifah’s dog, attacked gymnast

'Junior possessed vicious and dangerous propensities and was inclined to attack, bite, maul, maim...' the lawsuit claimed
Sep 11, 2021

Who is Erica Casher? Nurse trolled for mocking teen who said Covid killed his grandma

Despite the heckling, Tennessee high schooler Grady Knox kept his cool
Sep 11, 2021

Jermaine Dixon: Ex-gangster executed by 'Hasidic Hitman' in broad daylight in Queens

Jermaine Dixon was a former gang member and reformed criminal who had been released from federal prison less than a year ago
Sep 11, 2021

Pasquale Buzzelli: Miracle man 'surfed' 18 floors after 9/11 attack and survived

Pasquale Buzzelli's survival was a mixture of luck, quick thinking and probably, also some divine help
Sep 9, 2021

How did Big Daddy Graham die? Fans mourn loss of WIP radio legend at 68

Graham was believed to be 68 years old when he died; his cause of death has not yet been specified
Sep 9, 2021

Vin Diesel fat shamed for dad bod at family vacation in Italy: 'Fat and the furious'

'A great day for fat guys around the world now that Vin Diesel has joined our ranks,' one wrote
Sep 9, 2021

Brad Boynton: Viral video shows Amazon manager calling Black delivery man the N-word

What made matters worse is that Nikolas Mayrant was fired by Amazon after being racially abused
Sep 9, 2021

Joe Biden says he's 'supposed' to walk out after speech, trolls ask 'who's in charge'

Joe Biden reignited rumors of 'handlers' as he declared that he was 'supposed' to stop and walk out of the room after a press briefing
Sep 9, 2021

John Ramirez: Planned execution of man who killed Pablo Castro over $1.25 halted

Ramirez’s request to have his spiritual adviser touch him and vocalize prayers when he is being executed had been turned down by prison officials
Sep 8, 2021

Model Carré Sutton says ex Elite boss Gerald Marie raped her after giving her drugs

The 52-year-old filed a lawsuit last month accusing Marie of having 'repeatedly raped her' at his apartment when she was 17 years old
Sep 8, 2021

Where is Ramesh Balwani? Elizabeth Holmes trial could rake up serious muck on relationship

Ramesh Balwani, who is also known as Sunny, is not only Holmes' ex-boyfriend but also the former president and chief operating officer of Theranos
Sep 8, 2021

Amaarah DeCuir: Viral training video asks teachers NOT to call 9/11 killers 'terrorists'

The video did not do well for many parents who have expressed outrage at the attempt of 'woke-washing the 9/11 attacks' and 'hijacking history'
Sep 8, 2021

Stephen Marsan: Brandy Melville CEO doesn't hire Black or fat girls, claims report

Despite the allegedly toxic culture, multiple female employees said that it was a status symbol to work at Brandy Melville
Sep 8, 2021

Hurricane Larry: Storm might be even stronger, more devastating than Ida

If Larry's sustained winds increase above 150 mph, it would become the strongest storm in the Atlantic this year — even stronger than Ida
Sep 7, 2021

Reina Westberg: Internet claims Russell Wilson or Richard Sherman got model pregnant

Did Reina Westberg have an affair with one of the two football stars or with both?
Sep 7, 2021

Millions missing from Alex Murdaugh’s firm, PMPED states 'no place for such behavior'

Sources close to Murdaugh family and those familiar with status of several ongoing investigations involving the family, confirmed the missing money
Sep 7, 2021

Woman in viral TikTok video refuses to wear mask on JetBlue flight, causes 3-hr delay

The viral video showed how the woman refused to wear the mask despite two flight attendants and a police officer standing to appeal to her
Sep 7, 2021