Reina Westberg: Internet claims Russell Wilson or Richard Sherman got model pregnant

Did Reina Westberg have an affair with one of the two football stars or with both?

                            Reina Westberg: Internet claims Russell Wilson or Richard Sherman got model pregnant
Reina Westberg's alleged affairs with Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman have made her go viral (Photos by Kevork Djansezian and Michael Reaves/Getty Images, Instagram/reina_westberg)

A Twitter thread has made some very serious accusations against Instagram model Reina Westberg and claims about who got her pregnant. After Westberg got involved in a Twitter feud with another girl, it somehow led to cheating accusations against Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman, the free-agent cornerback.

Many names were apparently thrown into the mix for no particular reason and Westberg just happened to be another name. It took no time for people's attention to move to the model after allegations of affairs with Seattle Seahawks superstar Wilson and/or Sherman. So who is Reina Westberg?


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Who is Reina Westberg?

Reina Westberg is an Instagram model with more than 33.2K followers on her Instagram account.

A leaked video has been doing the rounds on Twitter that shows Westberg arguing with another girl over the phone. Westberg seems happy about her pregnancy and her kids' future while calling the other girl names. You can watch the video here: 


There are many rumors circulating online now that the father of the baby being discussed in Westberg's video might be Richard Sherman, the free-agent cornerback. He last played for the San Francisco 49ers in 2020.

"There's a thread on here that's accusing Russell Wilson of allegedly cheating and getting a woman pregnant. The Wilson's seem like the type that would sue for defamation. Good luck everybody," one user wrote. Another user corrected them, "It’s actually about Richard Sherman."



"Hey @reinawestberg you care to tell us what married man you were sleeping with to get pregnant?" one user wrote. They added, "I see you hiding the pregnancy until I confronted you about it @reinawestberg Now you’re all on social media showing off your baby shower." They went on, "What athlete did you trap in Seattle to get that baby @reinawestberg ? Or were you that big of a heaux that you got a regular guy to knock you up?" adding, "@reinawestberg don’t ignore me either U said you’d reveal everything soon The baby shower is the reveal Who’s the daddy Reina? Who did you trap?!"

The hounding did not stop. "Don’t think I don’t know who the daddy is @reinawestberg You’re a stupid Trollope and I will make sure the world knows it You know your obsession is sick and real and you need help Let me help you help yourself boo." The user wrote, "You’re posting all those religious leader quotes This is unforgivable.. God don’t like ugly Remember what happened to the harlots mentioned in the Bible @reinawestberg," adding, "You’re out here ruining homes And that baby won’t get the love it deserves because you don’t know how to love or respect anything U think you’re gonna get a bag from this?! You’re not getting shit but neglect… You can take my words to the bank you troglodyte @reinawestberg".






The user went on to make more accusations, "I know YOU KNOW EXACTLY who I am @reinawestberg Don’t ignore me like I won’t expose every aspect of your fucking life…. Trapping men while underaged Trains ran on you in Washington, AZ and Los Angeles Threesomes @reinawestberg".


Fans on Twitter were curious to see if the initial claims, including Wilson cheating on his wife and getting Westberg pregnant, were true. Some claim that the accusation was false.



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