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Why are ARMYs concerned about BTS's free Busan concert? Fans highlight safety issues with venue

ARMYs believe the city of Busan is ill-prepared to host the 100,000-person event
ARMYs allege that the proposed venue for BTS' free concert is remote and rural (bts.bighitofficial/instagram)
ARMYs allege that the proposed venue for BTS' free concert is remote and rural (bts.bighitofficial/instagram)

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA: HYBE Entertainment recently announced that BTS will perform a free concert at World Expo 2030 in Busan on October 15, 2022. The concert is expected to be attended by 100,000 people. While ARMY Twitter was overjoyed by the announcement, one peculiar detail piqued their interest - the concert would take place in the outdoor parking lot of the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal. 

ARMYs were perplexed as to why the government chose that particular outdoor venue when there are numerous stadiums located throughout Busan, including the Asiad Stadium built for the 2002 Asian Games, with a seating capacity of 53,769. Fans say the city is unable to face the massive challenge after comparing the site to Asiad Stadium.


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ARMYs question the true intentions behind government's decision

Fans allege that the venue is extremely difficult to reach in Busan. Although the government promised to mobilize city trains and buses as free transportation for the concert, ARMYs are questioning the true intentions behind the decision. Besides, the announcement still falls short of addressing the area's underlying infrastructure problems. Since there are only three bridges available, fans argue that it is impossible to evacuate 100,000 people, if needed, even with increased transportation. Additionally, there are no nearby restaurants or hotels, which means fans will have to travel a long distance to return to their lodgings. 

ARMY Twitter is also comparing the event to BTS's 2019 concert at London's Wembley Stadium, which was attended by 90,000 fans. While Busan's 100,000-person plan is not impossible, the government's plans for dealing with the crowd are being criticized. The Busan Government stated that they will open the venue at 9 am KST, with the concert scheduled to start at 6 pm KST. This has left international fans concerned about their stay and safety throughout the 9-hour period at the site. ARMYs claim that if the event concludes at night, they may have to leave the venue as late as dawn the following day since it might take a long time to get out. In addition, the government announced plans to install a tent of portable washrooms at the venue. With only a few hundred portaloos planned for a crowd of 100,000, it seems clear that Busan city is under-funding the BTS Free Concert. 

Some reports alleged that the Busan government might consider designating planes and KTX speed trains from other parts of South Korea to Busan solely for the BTS event. This solution would undoubtedly affect the civilians who may have urgent travel needs. An international ARMY criticized Busan's mayor on Twitter and demanded a change in location. “What I've learned about Busan through this event is, unfortunately, they have a stubborn Mayor who wanna showoff w/o any basic knowledge & doesn't care about people's safety at all😒 Seeing the pic of the site, I feel like Busan is a countryside city that can't hold the huge events,” they wrote. 


A fan wrote, "It would be cool if the Busan concert was really free because HYBE and the boys agreed to do it for non-monetary compensation. But if it was free because the government wants to exploit them & they pay all the production fees? That’s🥴” Another fan pointed out, “So the Mayor of Busan is invited 3,500 guests to the BTS concert... wonder where they'll be sitting 😃” 



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