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'BigHit protect Taehyung': Is a friend leaking BTS V's privacy for Blackpink Jennie scandal?

A Twitter user has released two pictures which they claim are of BTS' V and Blackpink's Jennie dating
UPDATED AUG 25, 2022
Fans are urging HYBE and YG to take legal action (@BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter, YG Entertainment/Naver)
Fans are urging HYBE and YG to take legal action (@BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter, YG Entertainment/Naver)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The dating scandal between BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung and Blackpink’s Jennie is starting to get messy. Fans first thought it was created to cover Le Sserafim’s Kim Garam’s bullying scandal when a photo alleged that V and Jennie were in Jeju together. While fans did not take the scandal too seriously, we got back-to-back two photos of the K-pop idols together on August 23 and 24. Whether edited or not, the photos are personal which has fans worried about V and Jennie’s privacy.

While BTS’ company HYBE has been silent, Blackpink’s label YG has given two vague statements that are unclear. In fact, it has led to trolls targeting Jennie who has been getting sexist comments. With the third photo being taken in V’s home, BTS fans have taken to social media to request that HYBE take legal action against those who leaked the photos. 

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A Twitter user has released two pictures which they claim is of V and Jennie (@gurumiharibo/Twitter)
A Twitter user has released two pictures which they claim are of V and Jennie (@gurumiharibo/Twitter)

Two alleged photos of V and Jennie released

On August 23, a Twitter user posted a photo in which we see Jennie taking a mirror selfie while V is getting his hair styled before his Paris trip. While it looked real enough, fans felt something was off. Most of the response was supportive if the dating rumors were true but it has now turned into a scandal after the release of a third photo. In the third photo, it seems that the Blackpink star is taking a mirror selfie in V’s house while the BTS member is standing next to her. The selfie felt more edited than the previous one. However, many still refuse to believe it is fake as they cannot find the individual source photos that the editor could have used to combine.

This has led to a bigger issue with Blackpink fans trending ‘Protect Jennie’ against hate comments while BTS fans are trending ‘BigHit protect Taehyung’ as the third selfie in his house may have been leaked by a close friend with whom V must have shared it in confidence. Fans claim is that a stalker or a close friend sold the solo photos of V and Jennie to an editor who edited the two together. They also speculate that may be, the two are indeed a couple and someone leaked the two photos which were never meant for the public.

A photo of BTS' V and Blackpink's Jennie driving around in Jeju Island has been leaked four hours but HYBE has not denied the dating rumor enraging fans (@thv, @jennierubyjane/Instagram; Twitter)
A photo of BTS' V and Blackpink's Jennie allegedly driving around in Jeju Island had spread back in May 2022 (@thv, @jennierubyjane/Instagram, Pann)

Either way, it is an invasion of the two idols’ privacy. There has also been an update regarding OP (original poster). A fan went undercover and messaged that they would pay if OP could edit two idols to create a scandal. Much to everyone’s shock, OP agreed and shared that their rate was much higher than the three-figure amount that the fan had suggested. K-pop Twitter does not know what to make of this as some think this proves OP edited the two V and Jennie selfies while others think they are leaking real selfies and scamming fans who think that they can edit realistically.

‘Put an end to this chaos’

Fans have taken to social media in anger. “Labels ALWAYS check fandom reaction, if you don't do anything you'll be considered as easy fandom. BH took immediately action when we trended against then for merch issue BH took immediately action when armys trended for subtitles So show your outrage!!! BIGHIT PROTECT TAEHYUNG,” one fan tweeted. Another posted, “BIGHIT PROTECT TAEHYUNG fake or real you should care about people leaking pictures of your artist do your job protect them! release a statement to put an end to this chaos! if the company can address issues of other members within a few hours then why not taehyungs?”



One added, “BIGHIT PROTECT TAEHYUNG yall are telling me 2 whole fandoms cant find  the original pics? if these are real be f**king fr its their life, they need privacy too. that is his freaking house… wtf.” Another said, “The problem is NOT whether those pics are edited or not, the problem is taehyung’s PRIVACY being invaded multiple times! the only thing yall should be worried about is his personal SAFETY and NEVER him dating or not dating BIGHIT PROTECT TAEHYUNG.” One fan shared, “This is even scary, many say that person was a friend of Taehyung and Jennie, others that he is a hacker. S**t, that person is violating jennie and taehyung's privacy. While YG and BIGHIT do nothing. BIGHIT PROTECT TAEHYUNG YG PROTECT JENNIE.”




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