BTS is the third best-selling act in last 30 years, fans say 'Bangtans impact is beyond'

BTS is the third best-selling act in last 30 years, fans say 'Bangtans impact is beyond'
Having debuted in 2013, BTS is the youngest act to have the third-best rank in terms of album sales in comparison to the Top 2 that debuted years ahead of the K-pop band (Big Hit Music; @eminem, @taylorswift/Instagram)

Over the last nine years, the boy group BTS started humbly with the release of their debut single 'No More Dream' which was released in 2013. Slowly and steadily the boy band shot the international market in 2016 with their lead single, 'Blood, Sweat and Tears', which can be dubbed as the song that exposed K-pop and BTS to the global market. Soon after that, BTS released singles like 'DNA', 'Fake Love', 'IDOL', and 'Boy With Luv' among others that cemented their place on the international scene turning them into a household name instantly.

Now, as the boy group has completed its nine years in the K-pop industry and as BTS celebrates a success like no other pop band has in many years, the Big Hit Music boy band is undeniably the biggest music act at present. To prove this, a community post made by a fan showed a screengrab of the best-selling acts from amongst the names that made their debut in the last three decades with BTS unsurprisingly among the Top 3.


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BTS named the third-best-selling artist in the last 30 years

According to the ChartMasters statistics, BTS is presently the third best-selling music act with the most album sales after Eminem and Taylor Swift. The achievement is huge for the boy band as they only made their debut as recently as 2013 in comparison to Taylor who debuted in 2006 whereas Eminem debuted as early as 1988.

The boy group is followed by popular international acts that include Brittney Spears, Beyonce, Adele, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Backstreet Boys, and many more. Not only that but, BTS is also the only Korean act on the list to have the third best record in terms of album sales over the last three decades. BTS has been setting a new record for itself but to top that, BTS now ranks at Number 45 among the all-time best-selling music acts.

'No wonder K-pop stans hate them'

With the news of BTS breaking more and more records, fans are singing praises of the boy band as one fan said, "Bangtans impact go beyond. you should see the album sales inflation for kpop groups after bangtan got big, before it was impressive if a group sell 100k but now everybody and their mothers hitting 500k+ up to 1M with not enough fandom backing/popularity."

Another fan said, "BTS are living legends don't need 100 version to hit big numbers they only cb once in months drop ALOTY with 2 expensive versions , sell millions and create history then go back to minding their own business.... Legends indeed." One fan reprimanded a troll, "BTS started the Hally wave y'all talk about just compare numbers before and after 2017." One more fan said, "Bts legends no wonder kpop stans hate them."





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