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'Artists' favorite muse' BTS Jimin's portrait to be displayed at the LOUVRE amid PJM1 rumors

BTS Park Jimin's portrait will be hung in the Louvre Museum and ARMYS can't stop gushing about it
BTS Jimin's portrait will be displayed in an exhibition at the Louvre Museum (bts.bighitofficial/instagram)
BTS Jimin's portrait will be displayed in an exhibition at the Louvre Museum (bts.bighitofficial/instagram)

PARIS, FRANCE: As we know, BTS Global IT boy Jimin is naturally a work of art - he's just THAT handsome and beautiful. From the start, Jimin has always left his impact on the world with not only his beauty but also his talent and down-to-earth personality. It is only inevitable that artists would want to paint him. 

Lee.K, a Korean artist who was captivated by Jimin's beauty, has previously referred to Jimin as his muse. As a result, most of his portraits feature the idol. Even though Lee.K has used other BTS members such as RM and V as his models, it appears no one can replace Jimin as his primary muse. 


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Artist Lee.K's Jimin portrait to adorn the walls of the Louvre

Lee.K's Jimin-inspired portrait will now be displayed in an exhibition at the renowned Louvre art museum in Paris, France. The Louvre is both a historical landmark and the world's most popular museum. It is also home to some of the world's best art, including Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, The Coronation of Napoleon, Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata, and many more. 

The portraits can be seen at The 2022 Focus Art Fair Paris, which runs from September 1 to September 4 at the Carrousel du Louvre. Some of his works are even being used in event promotion. ARMYs can't stop talking about it, showing their love and support to the artist. They are immensely proud of BTS Jimin and the artist, considering it's quite an achievement to have your fan art on display at the Louvre. 

A fan tweeted about how once RM stated that he sees Jimin's artworks in the museum and ARMYs continue showing their love for JIMIN. “🐨>🐥:  “Sometimes when I go to an exhibition, I see a lot of artworks of you”. Jimin at the Louvre Museum, this is actually insane, the art world loves him so much, the fact that he’s a muse to many amazing artists. Jimin is truly art.” Another wrote, “Artists favorite muse is JIMIN. JIMIN ART AT LOUVRE MUSEUM.”



A fan gushed, “A Face For The Louvre Museum 💫 I'm really Proud of Jimin, god really took forever to creat his human angel. Jimin's impact in this world, korea, this industry, culture and everywhere is so insane. Bcz there's no artist like him this much talented and beautiful in every way +” Another ARMY echoed Jimin updates on WEVERSE speculating that PJM1 might be on its way. “Jimin Weverse 220831 🐥: as for live, I’ll come soon hehe These days I’ve been just spending my days writing songs and just brought me to a thought that our members are such a talented people that it’s amazing,” they wrote. 



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