Who is Gurumiharibo? BTS fan EXPOSES account posting 'edited' photos of BTS V and Blackpink Jennie

Who is Gurumiharibo? BTS fan EXPOSES account posting 'edited' photos of BTS V and Blackpink Jennie
Fans expose Gurumiharibo for posting fake edits featuring BTS V and Blackpink Jennie on Twitter (HYBE, YG Entertainment, @gurumiharibo/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: A new day comes with a new alleged leaked photo from user @gurumiharibo on Twitter. The account has been notoriously posting photographs of Blackpink's Jennie and BTS V (Kim Taehyung) now, months after the two idols were initially rumored to be dating when they were in Jeju Island. In May 2022, an alleged photo of V and Jennie in a car at Jeju Island was released online starting a shocking dating rumor. After this, fans started reaching out to the respective labels to release a statement. While HYBE did not speak over the issue, YG Entertainment did release a curt statement saying that since this was about Jennie's private life, they did not have any responsibility for speaking about it.

Months following that, a new photo was "leaked" from a Twitter user @gurumiharibo where Jennie and V were seen together as the former took a mirror selfie while the latter was getting ready in a dressing room ahead of his trip to Paris for the Celine show. Considering the fact that fans had never seen the original images of neither V nor Jennie, it was believed that gurumiharibo was a hacker that hacked into the artists' iCloud and leaked an original photo taken by Jennie. On August 24, the user released another photo of the two idols standing beside each other in what seems like Taehyung's house adding more "evidence" to the dating rumor and further causing chaos online.


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More rumors about BTS V and Blackpink Jennie's relationship have fans furious as they demand a statement from HYBE Labels (YG Entertainment, Big Hit Music)
More baseless rumors about BTS V and Blackpink Jennie's relationship have fans furious as they demand a statement from HYBE (YG Entertainment, Big Hit Music)

Is gurumiharibo posting fake photos of V and Jennie?

After the second photo from the Twitter user was released within a span of three days, fans of BTS and Blackpink started getting restless. With no response from HYBE (Big Hit Music) or YG Entertainment asserting or denying the dating rumor, gurumiharibo's photos started getting a lot of traction online. Since the user had listed their email account on the photos for copyright, a fan of BTS reached out to the user under a fake identity and requested a fake edit from the user via email.

The user shared their interaction with gurumiharibo which revealed that the user was open to making a fake edit of two famous celebrities for the right sum of money. This has fans calling the user out for posting fake photos and jumping on the bandwagon of an ongoing rumor that was initially left unresolved months ago. 


'V and Jennie's privacy is at risk'

Fans are enraged by the fake edits from the Twitter user and are reacting to the exposé from the BTS fan. One fan said, "It was obviously edited from the start. Some of y’all so disappointing for believing instead of defending jn."

Another fan said, "Gurumiharibo's goal is just to make a mess and earn money. The edits he made were taken from a different original photo. Starting from the face he took from the eps run bts."

One more fan said, "Look at this it seems like the person gets paid to create these edits. Sick." One fan said, "If this is true then armys and blinks should stop fightng for a second because that means someone is leaking Taes and Jennies private pictures and sells them to people who do edits with them. Their privacy is at risk."

Another fan said, "Its Fake. Even an amateur can see that. Shippers and kmedia took advantage of the situation and gaslighting ppl. That person get paid to make edits . Its their job."

One more fan said, "Gurumiharibo exposed for getting paid and Editing pics to make scandal. They get individual pics abd edit them together . Yall want to run with anything."

One fan said, "We told yall it's fake. this is so disgusting, spreading rumors and harming ppl for money is sick and whoever pays the person and releases unseen pics deserves jail time."

Another fan added, "I wouldn't be surprised if a staff from the companies be selling pics of them to be edited this is really scary and disgusting."









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