ARMYs bring receipts from K-pop idols as debate about 'BTS Paved The Way' intensifies

ARMYs bring receipts from K-pop idols as debate about 'BTS Paved The Way' intensifies
After a heated argument with Blackpink fans, BTS ARMY brings receipts of K-pop idols acknowledging BTS' contribution to the rise of K-pop (@blackpinkofficial, @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

If it is not K-pop stans that turn any argument into BTS vs Blackpink, then who? The conflicts between two of the biggest fandoms in the world never go unnoticed and so is the case for today’s incident that happened after both acts reached a tie for the most number of YouTube views. Billboard Charts Data, the Twitter account that posts updates about music acts charts made a tweet on February 8 that mentioned how BTS and Blackpink, both had a total of six videos with more than 1 billion views on YouTube.

Would this have been the case for any other two K-pop groups, the moment would have turned into a celebration but not for BTS and Blackpink. The post soon started getting responses from fans of both groups about how one was superior to the other. This argument blew out of proportion with BTS fans saying, “BTS paved the way” for all other music acts and Blackpink fans arguing how “Blackpink paved their own way.”


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Did BTS pave the way for K-pop?

The debate about who paved the way for K-pop acts in the global scene has been going on incessantly for years together and now as the popularity of K-pop, in general skyrockets, fans of BTS are trying to get acknowledgment for the struggle their favorites went in the early days of K-pop when no one knew about the existence of the genre. Blackpink fans (Blinks) started arguing how Blackpink was already a well-known act before making their debut in the industry and did not need BTS to help them reach fame.


One fan said, “BLACKPINK paved their Own Ways but Dogs are still barking.” Another Blink said, “Not when Blackpink is making noise since their debut and k-pop wasn't even that famous at that time. BLACKPINK PAVED THEIR OWN WAY.” Another Blink asked, “How can bts pave the way for blackpink? blackpink is already famous since pre-debut.”

One more Blink said, “In 2016 K-pop wasn't this famous when Bp debuted with entering billboard charts, after 11 months they entered bubbling under & after 2 years bb hot 100.Then D4 became the first mv by a K-pop group to surpass 1b views & they're still breaking records.” One fan said, “Don't let those mens take the credit of blackpink's success. BLACKPINK PAVED THEIR OWN WAY!!”












‘We love an honest king like Bang Chan’

As the argument about who paved the way for K-pop increases, fans of BTS bring in receipts from popular K-pop idols that prove that if K-pop stars themselves acknowledge the contribution of BTS to the popularity of K-pop. One fan said, “BTS PAVED THE WAY SAID K-POP IDOLS AND PRESIDENT MOON.” Another fan said, “BTS PAVED THE WAY FOR ALL.” One fan of BTS argued, “There's not such thing as paving their own way. BTS paved the way for everyone in the music industry in SK. You can't say your faves paved their own way when there's BTS that paved the way for them especially since the company of your girls always use BTS name in their mediaplay.”

Another fan said, “It's time to bring this back. BTS PAVED THE WAY.” One fan said, “'Bts paved the way' is trending and I thought of this gidle interview.” One fan said, “Bangchan saying bts paved the way. We love an honest and respectful king. BTS PAVED THE WAY THE SOONER YOU LEARN THAT THE BETTER.”















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