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What's wrong with Jeongyeon's outfits? ONCEs slam TWICE stylist for clothes unsuited for her body type

ONCEs believe that she still looks fantastic and slays with her new figure but they are upset with her poorly styled outfits
UPDATED AUG 31, 2022
Jeongyeon's new outfits have made fans happy (twicetagram/instagram)
Jeongyeon's new outfits have made fans happy (twicetagram/instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: To fit into the image of certain body types in the K-pop industry, idols are forced to go on a diet. Even a slight gain in weight, stars fall victim to fat-shaming, affecting mental and physical health. Due to anxiety and a herniated disc, Jeongyeon had previously gone on a hiatus. Unfortunately, there’s speculation that she put on some weight due to the side effects of medicines. Some have expressed concerns, as they believe Jeongyeon's stylist has failed to dress her up for her new body type.

ONCEs believe that she still looks fantastic and slays with her new figure but they are upset with her poorly styled outfits. Because of this Jeongyeon soon fell victim of bullying, as she was continuously fat-shamed and judged for her new figure by netizens.

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Did JYP finally change Jeongyeon's Stylist?

In this comeback, ONCEs reaction seems to be the latter, as Jeongyeon appears to be more confident, energetic, and happy than before while performing with TWICE. To top it off, it looks like the stylist finally knows what they're doing by styling Jeongyeon according to her body type in one of the outfits for 'Talk That Talk'. She appears to be wearing a shirt skirt and crop top to match the members.

ONCEs thought that Jeongyeon's stylist wasn't able to highlight Jeongyeon's figure in the previous comebacks, while everyone in TWICE got best-looking outfits, Jeongyeon used to get trousers and fully covered up clothes which used to make her look puffed up instead of enhancing her figure. Although there's finally a change in Jeongyeon's outfits there are still some outfits where the fans gave their mixed reactions. Nevertheless, ONCEs are pleased to see a change in styling. Hopefully, the stylists will now acknowledge Jeongyeon's beauty and the fact that she merits such styling. 

Fans let out their thoughts in tweets. “Love this outfit on Jeongyeon and like always, she did amazing,” one fan said. Another said, "Ahhhhh my "Favorite part…” with this Jeongyeon’s blue outfit. #TalkThatTalk #BETWEEN1and2 #TWICE #트와이스 .”



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