Jeongyeon on hiatus, fans hope she recorded TWICE’s first English single ‘The Feels’ in advance

Jeongyeon goes on hiatus due to mental health, might not participate in the schedules for TWICE's first English single 'The Feels'

                            Jeongyeon on hiatus, fans hope she recorded TWICE’s first English single ‘The Feels’ in advance
Jeongyeon goes on hiatus (@twicetagram/Instagram)

TWICE is all set to release their first English single ‘The Feels’. They’ve had a busy year with their successful Japanese era of ‘Kura Kura’ and ‘Taste of Love’ that made history on Billboard. ‘Taste of Love’ was also the best-selling album in the USA in the first week that it was released with more than 43k physical sales. The K-pop group was also featured in Time magazine’s broadcast. 

The group also garnered 10 million followers on Spotify and received their first nomination at the MTV VMAs 2021. TWICE also has the reality show ‘Time To Twice’ that is currently airing on their YouTube channel. JYPE also released a mysterious teaser for ‘The Feels’ which is set to be released in September. With a prom-like theme, expectations are high for the girls’ new single. Unfortunately, member Jeongyeon might not be able to participate.

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Jeongyeon goes on hiatus

JYPE announced on August 18 that Jeongyeon would be going on a hiatus. The statement reveals that the K-pop idol is suffering from panic and psychological anxiety disorders. Her label explained that they have been helping her recover and adjusting her schedule. After much talk with professionals, they’ve decided that Jeongyon should be first focusing on recovering. This means that she will not be participating in any of the upcoming schedules of TWICE

This decision was taken after the label consulted her, as well as her members. It should be noted that the duration of her hiatus has not been mentioned. On the release of JYPE’s statement, ONCEs took to social media to show their support and wish Jeongyeon a speedy recovery. Her fans have stated that they will wait for however long it takes for Jeongyeon to recover.


However, some are wondering if she will be participating in ‘The Feels’ in any way. Since TWICE’s debut in 2015, ‘The Feels’ is the girls’ first English single. It is much anticipated to the point that there were even rumors circulating that it might be a collaboration with Taylor Swift. This is why fans hope that Jeongyeon has not been left out of this monumental project. Many hope that she at least was well enough to record the single and the music video before going on hiatus.

It should be commended that the discussion of mental health is not considered taboo anymore. It is a very serious matter in the K-pop industry where young artists are made to train day and night with rigid routines. While the artists do consent to it, the mental toll is sometimes too much for them. And fortunately, many agencies are recognizing the benefits of letting their artists recover as we’ve seen in the recent cases of NU’EST’s Aron and Ateez’s Mingi. While physical exhaustion and injuries are part of the gig, netizens hope that with rest and counseling, the mental burden will be less.

‘We will wait’

Fans trended Jeongyeon with supportive tweets like, “We love you Jeongyeon. Take your time. No pressure. We will always wait for you,” “Jeongyeon we love you, please take care. We will wait as long as you need,” and “We will never get tired of waiting for you. health must always comes first and we understand it fully. thank you for participating in alcohol-free’s promotions and just thank you for being strong. we’re proud of you jeongyeon and we will wait for you. get well soon my love..”





Fans also wondered what would happen regarding ‘The Feels’ as they made posts like, “AS LONG AS I WANT JEONGYEON TO TAKE A REST FOR THE TIME BEING, I JUST HOPE THAT SHE JOINED SOME OF THEIR PRE RECORDED ENGLISH SINGLE PROMOTIONS AND AT LEAST HAVE AN OT9 PERFORMANCE OF THE FEELS ON US TELEVISION,” “Jeongyeon braved through Kura Kura, Alcohol Free, Perfect World, and possible "The Feels". I am proud of her. She has been such a brave woman. But we will wait for you. As long as it takes,” and “I love Jeongyeon and TWICE sooooo much but it’s hard to be active and enjoy the content sometimes when I’m missing my favorite girl.. still, I’ll be looking forward for The Feels and I’ll wait for Jeongyeon no matter how long.”




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