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What is a 'stack of vaginas'? 'RHOC' star Noella Bergener reveals her 'sexual fantasy'

We guess it's safe to say that gift-giving is definitely not Noella's strong suit after she revealed gifting 'stack of vaginas' to husband Sweet James
UPDATED FEB 10, 2022
'RHOC' star Noella Bergener (Bravo)
'RHOC' star Noella Bergener (Bravo)

From sex dungeons to 'stack of vaginas', 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Noella Bergener appears to be all about that wild lifestyle. While her fellow housewives and the audience are still trying to process the fact that the new housewife has a fully equipped sex dungeon in her family home, Noella dropped another bomb when she revealed that she gifted her estranged husband Sweet James Bergener a 'stack of vaginas' as his birthday present.

In case you're wondering what on earth is a stack of vaginas, then you aren't alone. Shannon Beador and Emily Simpson too were puzzled. Shannon began quizzing Noella about it and her questions left fans rolling with laughter. From asking if a man has to climb up a ladder to access the stack to wondering how many vaginas would be needed to form a stack? If you're curious to know about it, then keep reading.


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'RHOC' star Noella Bergener demonstrates what a 'stack of vaginas' is (Bravo)

What is 'stack of vaginas'?

Noella patiently explained to the ladies that just as the word suggests, a stack of vaginas is exactly that- persons with vaginas stacked atop each other to form a ladder-like structure. It apparently takes three or more persons with vaginas to form a stack. She then proceeded to show Shannon and Emily a picture of it so that they could understand it better. The picture featured three ladies atop each other and this was reportedly what Noella gifted Sweet James for his birthday. But that might not be the only instance when Noella had a brush with a stack of vaginas.

Later at a house party with Emily and Gina, Noella proceeded to demonstrate how to form a stack of vaginas by getting atop two women. When Gina looked at Noella in horror, the housewife explained that she received it for her birthday because it was her "sexual fantasy". Sadly for Noella, fans don't seem to be impressed with her excessive sexual talk. Several fans took to Twitter slamming the new housewife for bringing up 'the stack of vaginas' on the Bravo show.

A fan tweeted, "Your sexual fantasy was a stack of Vaginas?! I’m so embarrassed for Noella. #RHOC." Another fan wrote, "The fact that Noella had that vagina stack photo so readily available is kinda... #RHOC." "So Noella hired 2 hookers so her husband could stick his dick in multiple anonymous vaginas. That's not demeaning to women at all, Ms. bisexual biracial. #RHOC," added a fan. "#RHOC. Noella saying she’s upset because Jenn talked about her Stack of Vaginas. If someone shows me a picture of a stack of vaginas and says it was her husband’s birthday present, I’m gonna talk about it," pointed out a fan.





'RHOC' star Noella Bergener (Bravo)

Another fan shared, "I’m sorry, I’m very sex positive but Noella is doing too much like girl.. I did not need to know what “a stack of vaginas” was #RHOC." "Noella’s birthday gift to her husband tops the list of things I could have lived my whole life NOT knowing. #RHOC," expressed a fan. "My weekly tweet to say how Noella is the worst housewife in housewives history #RHOC my god please hire anyone else. ANYONE!!," requested a fan.




We guess it's safe to say that gift-giving is definitely not Noella's strong suit. After upsetting Heather Dubrow by gifting an inappropriate card game to her young daughter, the housewife managed to annoy fans with her 'stack of vaginas' gift to her estranged husband.

'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 16 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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