‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Shannon Beador gets an “O-Shot” to enhance her sex-drive and intensify orgasms

RHOC fans were shocked to see Shannon Beador getting a procedure to enhance her sex-drive and intensify orgasms on national television.

                            ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Shannon Beador gets an “O-Shot” to enhance her sex-drive and intensify orgasms

The ladies of RHOC are borderline obsessed with getting their bodies enhanced or altered to keep up with the latest fads and trends. Although it shouldn’t have surprised us to see Shannon Beador getting an “O-Shot” to intensify her orgasms, it still left us in shock and secretly admiring her bravery for getting the procedure done.

In her green room interview, the 55-year-old housewife describes the procedure as a “face-lift” for the vagina. She also explains that it is a “natural” and “non-invasive” procedure involving extraction of platelets from her blood and injecting them near her clitoris and around her vagina. Thanks to the merciless producers of Bravo, we got to witness the entire procedure with the camera zooming in on Shannon’s face the entire time. To say that the fans were disturbed is an understatement.



Several fans took to social media to express their discomfort for being subjected to view Shannon’s procedure.  A fan tweeted, “OH GOOD GOD, Shannon has completely let the cheese slide off her cracker....clitoral INJECTIONS?!?!?  Hell to the NO! #RHOC”.

Another fan wrote, “Did that doctor just tell Shannon her lady bits would be engorged? Guess I won’t be finishing the Arby’s I picked up for dinner. #RHOC”. “Gross .. I don’t wanna know about Shannon’s saggy coochie #RHOC”, expressed a fan. Several fans were amused to see the housewife squeezing silicone breast implants as stress balls during the procedure to distract her from the pain.

A fan wrote, “I didn’t think they could top lactation at the dinner table on #RHOC ...but squeezing breast implants while getting the hoo-ha rejuvenated is definitely a new one”. Fans couldn’t help but admire the reality star’s bravery for going through the procedure which looked super painful. “Shannon is brave, no one is putting a needle near my vagina. #RHOC”.

In an after-show clip released by Bravo, we see the housewife being asked by the producer if the O-Shot was worth it. To which she says, “"I thought it was an interesting concept, and I was willing to try it." But also adds that she didn’t think she needed it. Fellow housewife Braunwyn jokingly says that she didn’t need the procedure but just needed the “right boyfriend”.

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