'Real Housewives of Orange County': Vicki and Tamra hint Kelly Dodd may have had an orgy in shocking 'had a train' allegations

Episode four of 'Real Housewives of Orange County' ends with a suspense about a new rumor regarding Kelly Dodd

                            'Real Housewives of Orange County': Vicki and Tamra hint Kelly Dodd may have had an orgy in shocking 'had a train' allegations

Former OG housewife Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd haven’t been on the best of terms after Vicki began rumors about Kelly's cocaine-snorting habit. This blew up on season 13's reunion episode. The rumor about Kelly’s cocaine addiction hurt Kelly’s family life severely. In an earlier episode, we saw Jolie informing her mother that she was receiving nasty Instagram DMs about Kelly's rumored cocaine addiction. Although Kelly vehemently denied these rumors and maintained a stance from the beginning that Vicki was a "liar", the rumors somehow never died down.

The ladies haven't seen eye-to-eye ever since the reunion episode, and in this episode, which aired on August 20, we see Vicki trying to talk to Kelly and apologize for her behavior. However, Kelly doesn't want to have anything to do with Vicki and storms off.

Later, we see new housewife Braunwyn invite Tamra, Shannon, and Gina for a girls night out to get to know them better. Vicki manages to get herself invited for the evening by arm-twisting Shannon. Things get interesting when Vicki arrives and Kelly's topic comes up. The ladies ask Vicki about what went down between her and Kelly. Vicki coyly says the reason Kelly was so mean to her was because she knows a lot more about Kelly than she's letting on, and hints that it is way worse than the rumor that Kelly snorts cocaine!

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Naturally, everybody at the table gets super curious about what this "dark-secret" of Kelly is. When Gina asks Vicki to reveal it, Vicki starts pointing at everyone on the table and says that she would never tell them. Until, Tamra innocently (or slyly) asks, "Is this about the train?"

Vicki immediately starts shouting at Tamra to not talk about it. Then in her confessional, Vicki reveals, "We (referring to Tamra, Shannon and herself) had a code of silence that none of us were going to talk about the choo choo train, that no good could come from it and that we weren’t going to mention it."

This mysterious "train" had us all wondering what it was all about? What could be worse than cocaine addiction? Until we googled and found out that "train" is slang for an orgy. So, does this mean that Kelly had an orgy, and the ladies somehow know about it?  Also, is this rumor as unfounded as Vicki's allegation about Kelly's cocaine usage? We can’t wait to know the answers.

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Twitter is abuzz with fans weighing in on this new rumor about Kelly. A fan wrote, "Ok I had to look up what train meant in urban dictionary um... HORRIBLE thing to say about Kelly & I don't believe that for a minute #RHOC TAMRA ur a mess and VICKI bye biatch". Another fan commented, "Is the choo choo train a reference to the sex act?! Are they implying Kelly had a train ran on her?! #RHOC".

It appears that Tamra and Vicki want us to believe that Kelly had an orgy during one of her cocaine benders. We can’t wait to see Kelly’s reaction to Vicki and Tamra’s new rumor about her. We expect Kelly to go off on these women, as she is already seething at Vicki about the cocaine rumor.

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