'RHOC': 'Dramatic' Heather slammed for accusing Noella of gifting porn to teen daughter

'RHOC': 'Dramatic' Heather slammed for accusing Noella of gifting porn to teen daughter
'RHOC' stars Heather Dubrow and Noella Bergener (Bravo)

What was supposed to be a fun girls' trip to Cabo, is quickly turning into a nightmare for the 'Real Housewives of Orange County' ladies. The trip's hostess Heather Dubrow originally didn't want to invite new housewife Noella Bergener as the two ladies got off on the wrong foot when Heather heard from the other ladies about some of the things Noella was saying behind er back. But the last straw was when Noella gifted a fun game of cards to Heather's teenage daughter Max.

Heather was appalled on finding out that the cards had inappropriate content on them which wasn't suitable for minors. The housewife instantly classified Noella's gift as 'pornography' and decided to not invite her to the trip due to that. But later at Gina Kirschenheiter's request, Heather agreed to invite Noella as well. During the trip, Emily Simpson ended up spilling the tea about Gina pushing for Noella's invite to the trip. The new housewife was unhappy on hearing that she received a "pity invite". 


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So, Noella confronted Heather about it. Heather explained that she didn't want to invite her because she gifted pornography to her daughter. Noella got really upset on hearing her gift be labeled as pornography and accused Heather of having "straight fragility". Things escalated between both the ladies until Heather read out the contents of the cards to Noella. The new housewife was horrified on hearing what the cards said, she immediately pointed out that the cards were definitely inappropriate to be given as a gift to a teenager but they weren't pornography. 

Fans sided with Noella and called out Heather for being 'dramatic'. A fan tweeted, "Classifying the gift as pornography was dramatic on Heather’s end. and more than likely intentional because it’s Heather #RHOC." Another fan wrote, "I can’t with Noella but Heather saying pornography was too much #RHOC." "Girl, HEATHER…. CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY ISNT PORNOGRAPHY! It’s not appropriate for a minor but it isn’t porn #RHOC," added a fan.





'RHOC' star Heather Dubrow (Bravo)


Another fan questioned, "Is Heather really calling Noella’s Pride themed card game gift to Max “pornography"??? #RHOC." "@HeatherDubrow Noella did NOT give your daughter pornography and you know it. It’s a major reach and accusation to say someone gave your underage daughter porn. To think I was excited you were back. A**hole! #RHOC," expressed an annoyed fan. "Okaaaaaay.. but gifting a teenager a LGBT version of Cards Against Humanity is not pornography Heather needs to apologize & agree to disagree on this one. #RHOC," shared a fan.





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