'Winwin actor is real': WayV star sets up agency for his Chinese acting projects

WayV and NCT's Winwin to debut as an actor soon having set up his personal studio in China

                            'Winwin actor is real': WayV star sets up agency for his Chinese acting projects
Winwin to start acting (@wwiinn_7/Instagram)

WayV might have faced some hurdles last month, but they’re right back on track. NCT’s Chinese sub-unit had their activities for the month halted due to undisclosed reasons. There were also rumors that the group would be affected due to China’s new entertainment bans and laws. But the boys have bounced back with Hendery releasing ‘WuKong’, Xiaojun, Yangyang and Hendery’s reality show and Ten and Winwin’s latest Chinese gigs.

Additionally, reports flooded in that Winwin had launched a personal studio for his Chinese activities. And on September 30, the Korean news agency YTN Star reported that SM Entertainment had confirmed the WayV member’s latest solo venture. The Chinese-born K-pop idol has “created a private studio” which is akin to a mini-agency that will manage all of his activities in China.

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Winwin opens his personal studio for acting gigs in China

For worried fans, Winwin is still part of NCT and WayV and will continue his idol career. His activities with the group will still be managed by SM Entertainment. But he has long shown an interest in acting and it looks like he will be able to pursue a career in it now. The personal studio that he has set up is being managed by Winwin himself and it will handle all of his acting gigs in China.

Winwin currently is rumored to have been cast in two Chinese dramas. Some think that he will play the main lead in the fantasy vampire series ‘Ru Yue’. A blind girl foils the plans of the military director who is set on assassinating the main character -- Shen Zhiheng who is a vampire that has lived for hundreds of years. Winwin’s second drama might be ‘The Female Supporting Role’ which is a historical fantasy drama. The idol is rumored to play the second lead where the female protagonist loses herself in 3000 worlds while trying to return home.

‘Winwin actor is real’

Winwin has ended up trending on Twitter as excited fans hope that he will have his acting debut soon. They made tweets like, “No more rumors. winwin actor is real,” “Winwin set up a personal studio by HIMSELF for his acting activities everybody that's the man we stan !!!” and “Winwin actor is real I remember this scene when he acted in front of wayv his acting was so good I can't wait so happy for you winwin.”

One fan wondered, “So are u telling me winwin has set up a personal studio for his chinese acting activities?? and the company was established last july, and the manager's name was listed as winwin's real name, 'Dong Sicheng' !! manager and actor winwin FCKING YAS LETS GO.” “WINWIN ACTOR DEBUT LETS GOOOOOOOO,” added one fan. Another commented, “Excuse me, WINWIN CEO ?” One posted, “Wait so its really confirmed were getting WinWin Actor ?? im so proud !!”








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