Taeyong’s ‘heart travels the world’ as NCT 127 is No 3 on Billboard 200 with ‘Sticker’

NCT 127 becomes the second SM group in top 3 of Billboard 200 while leader Taeyong becomes the first SM idol to have 4 albums in the top 5

                            Taeyong’s ‘heart travels the world’ as NCT 127 is No 3 on Billboard 200 with ‘Sticker’
NCT 127 debut in top 3 of Billboard 200 (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

The fandom might be divided on the flute-based title track, ‘Sticker’, but records show that the ‘Sticker’ album is NCT 127’s best album to date. Even before its release, it had broken records by getting one million pre-orders in a day. It ended up with a total of two million pre-orders before the release date. After its release, the album topped several charts like Billboard and even had two million sales in the first week. Even the music video trended as it garnered 27 million YouTube views on the first day making it the second most viewed SM video in 24 hours. 

Sticker’ has been #1 on Gaon, debuted at #2 on Worldwide iTunes Album chart and was #1 on iTunes Album Chart in 18 countries. And on September 27, it was revealed that ‘Sticker’, the boy group’s third Korean album had entered the top 3 of Billboard 200 with 62k sales. Billboard 200 Chart is the international platform’s album chart where popular Western artists compete. NCTzens are impressed that ‘Sticker’ secured #3 making it NCT 127’s highest ranking on the chart yet. 


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NCT 127 is 2nd SM group in Top 3 of Billboard 200

NCT 127 become the second SM group to debut in the top 3 after SuperM. It should also be noted that Taeyong and Mark are both in NCT 127 and SuperM. This makes them the only SM idols to debut twice in the top 3 of Billboard 200. And with Taeyong co-writing SuperM’s ‘No Manners’, ‘Together At Home’ and NCT 127’s ‘Sticker’, he is the only SM artist along with Mark to have three writing credits in the top 3. Mark on the other hand has co-written ‘Together At Home’, SuperM’s ‘100’ and ‘Sticker’. 

Taeyong is also the only SM idol who also has song credits in four albums to be in the top 5 of Billboard 200 with ‘SuperM’, ‘Super One’, ‘Sticker’ and NCT 127’s ‘Neo Zone’. When fans alerted the leader of NCT of this achievement, a happy Taeyong posted, “Billboard? Congratulations everyone My heart has already got on the plane and traveled all over the world.”


Proud fans ended up trending ‘Congratulations NCT 127’ and Taeyong as they tweeted, “You have worked hard! we are proud of you ♡ Congratulations NCT 127.” Another fan added, “MarkYong the only SM artists to have albums debut in the Top 3 of the Billboard 200! Not to mention that they have writing credits both in the NCT 127 and SuperM albums! We love aces!” “Congrats to @superm @nct127 & @NCTsmtown . *#TAEYONG & #MARK are members of groups that have hit No.1,2,3,5 & 6 on the BillBoard 200,” said one.




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