Rookie K-pop acts join BTS to dominate West, NCT127 'Sticker' rocks Billboard charts

BTS' 'Butter' still holds a high spot on Billboard Hot 100 and NCT 127 has recorded top spot on Billboard 200 Albums chart

                            Rookie K-pop acts join BTS to dominate West, NCT127 'Sticker' rocks Billboard charts
BTS continues to dominate global charts as other fourth-gen K-pop groups follow suit (@bts_bighit, @NCTsmtown_127, @ATEEZofficial, @Stray_Kids, @TXT_bighit/Twitter)

With K-pop's immense popularity worldwide, fans from around the world are going gaga over South Korean acts. While the idea of boy groups, girl groups, solo acts, co-ed groups are not new to the West, the concept of a K-pop group is something that many have come to love and appreciate pretty recently.

Older groups like BTS, Monsta X, GOT7, Blackpink, Mamamoo, Red Velvet and more have already made a name for themselves globally but rookie groups are not very far behind either. Every single day, more and more groups from the K-pop industry enter worldwide charts and make their global presence felt, be it TXT, Stray Kids, Ateez or NCT.


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BTS on Billboard Hot 100, again

BTS is surely the king of all K-pop groups and has been dominating all that is there for them to dominate — sales, charts, music video views, social and media presence. ARMYs have made sure anything BTS delivers becomes an overnight success. With two recent singles 'Butter' and 'Permission to Dance', the boy band has delivered chart-topping results yet again,

'Butter' by BTS continues to be a long-term hit on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Despite moving down various spots over the last couple of weeks, BTS still appears to make an appearance on BBHot100 more than six months after the release of the song. According to the most recent chart released for the week of October 2 by Billboard, 'Butter' ranked at Number 24 on Billboard Hot 100. This is the first K-pop song to run for 18 weeks straight on the chart.

The other hit single 'Permission to Dance' has also done well on the charts. Both songs have battled against other artists to keep BTS on the top spot. With BTS now announcing an offline concert 'Permission to Dance on Stage' on October 24 in four locations in the United States, more fan following is in the offing.


Fourth Gen groups join BTS

After BTS made their presence felt, globally, juniors from the K-pop industry have been follow suit. TXT is not far behind as their second full-length album, 'Chaos Chapter: Freeze' was ranked at Number 6 on Billboards World Albums charts, consecutively charting for 17 weeks.


On September 20 it was reported that Ateez, with the release of their newest album, 'Zero: Fever Part 3' charted on Billboard 200 among the top 50.


Then came NCT 127’s new studio album 'Sticker' that debuted at Number 1 on the chart released in the week of October 2. NCT 127 now becomes the fourth 4th-gen group to claim a high spot on the Billboard World Albums chart. 'Sticker' also became the best-selling album on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart, Top Current Album Sales chart, and Independent Albums chart as well after taking the title of "two-million" seller. 'Sticker' also entered Billboard 200 chart at Number 3 making it their highest ranking on the chart to date.


Not far behind, Stray Kids’ 'Noeasy' took the Number 11 spot while Seventeen's 'Your Choice' took Number 15 on Billboard 200 proving the power of K-pop.

stray Kids' 'Noeasy' takes the Number 11 spot on Billboard 200 Albums chart. (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)
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