MBC’s ‘How A Family Is Made’: K-pop idols to live together as family on reality show

MBC’s ‘How A Family Is Made’: K-pop idols to live together as family on reality show
All contestants of the show, 'How A Family is Made' gather for a press conference to promote the variety show. (Discovery Channel Korea/YouTube)

MBC announced its plans for a new reality show in the works. On August 20, it was discovered that MBC was planning a show where contestants lived together like a family unit. MBC has already released variety shows with similar concepts where K-pop idols live together with their candid moments captured on camera. One of their shows called,’ We Got Married’ and was one of the most talked-about shows where idols pretend to be married couples and lived together. 

According to Naver news, the title of the show is still in the works and the show will feature not two but twelve idols ranging from the 1st generation of K-Pop to the fourth generation group members. In the show, all these idols will live with each other and try to make themselves part of each other's family during the course of the show. 


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Meet the contestants of the show, 'How A Family is Made' (Discovery Channel Korea/YouTube)


The show will feature idols like Yubin from Wonder Girls. Son Hoyoung from god, Ye Sung from Super Junior, Seo Eunkwang from BTOB among a few of the first, second, and third-generation groups. I.O.I’s Im Na Young, Hyewon from IZ*ONE, and AB6IX’s Lee Daehwi will also join the cast.


The show will see popular fourth-generation group members like Xiaojun, Yangyang, and Hendery from NCT’s Chinese sub-unit WayV and Hyunjae from The Boyz. The youngest member to join the cast is a twelve-year-old child actor, Kim Kang Hoon. 

Contestants of the show, 'How A Family is Made' greet fans and press. (Discovery Channel Korea/YouTube)


Hotly anticipated show

The makers anticipate that the interactions between each contestant will be much appreciated by fans and they are excited to see the show's ratings. As K-pop bands and K-dramas have taken off globally, MBC's reality show is likely to have an audience outside South Korea, especially among K-pop enthusiasts in the US.

The show hopes to present Korean family traditions and values to audiences around the world with the help of popular faces from South Korea's entertainment industry. With the inclusion of some Chinese idols, there will be a cross-cultural exchanges in the familial relationships depicted on the show as well. 


Each contestants of the show spoke to the press for the variety show, 'How A Family is Made' (Discovery Channel Korea/YouTube)

Press Conference Broadcast 

Past reports claimed that the fan-favorite reality show 'We Got Married' was going to make a return 4 years after its end. To such claims, MBC responded by saying, “It is true that we discussed the idea, but we decided not to make it in the end.” They then went on to confirm that 'We're in the Family' and 'We Got Married' are completely different programs despite having a similar concept.


The members of the show were introduced in a live broadcast of the press conference. Watch a telecast of the broadcast here where each family talked about the show and answered questions from the press.



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