TWICE members get personal Instagram accounts, K-pop fans joke ‘RIP twicetagram’

TWICE members get personal Instagram accounts, K-pop fans joke ‘RIP twicetagram’
TWICE open personal Instagram accounts following their historical US encore concerts (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)

With more and more K-pop idols getting personal Instagram accounts, fans were waiting eagerly as to when JYPE would allow their iconic girl group TWICE to also open their personal accounts. From BTS breaking the internet last year with their personal accounts to all 23 members of NCT, we also finally have all nine members of TWICE on Instagram. The girl group just flew back home after making history with their encore stadium concerts in the US.

Well, on May 17, TWICE fans were pleasantly surprised as each member’s personal accounts suddenly popped up on Instagram. We even had the barely active members like Tzuyu and Jeongyeon creating their personal accounts that had everyone excited. Their personal accounts further showed off their individual personalities from Chaeyoung using a meme-y selfie for her profile picture while Tzuyu had a very clever username with @thinkaboutzu. 

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TWICE members open personal Instagram accounts

Fans were also touched as every single member kicked off their accounts by posting the same group photo of them at their encore concert in LA. We have Sana who is already the most followed TWICE member with 2.2 million followers. Furthermore, their second post already has everyone trying to guess the type of aesthetic their feeds will have from Nayeon and Dahyun already giving models and influencers a run for their money while Chaeyoung and Jihyo put up cute and hilarious photos. Meanwhile, fans are praying that Mina and Tzuyu don’t uninstall the app after putting up that one group post.

All nine TWICE members get personal Instagram accounts (Instagram)

'Choosing violence on first day'

Fans made memes as they tweeted, “Me and chaeyoung on IG live.” One joked, “I just know that mina and tzuyu's acc on ig will be.” Another fan predicted, “Dahyun's ig feed will be the most aesthetic that's for sure.” One fan said, “If jeongyeon and Jihyo not roastjng each other in ig comments or stories, i don't want it.” One was in love with Nayeon’s profile picture, “NAYEON JUST CHANGED HER IG PROFILE PICTURE AND SHE'S CHOOSING VIOLENCE ON HER VERY FIRST DAY.”






Another wondered how Momo got her name as the username, “I know momo was fighting for her life to get that username.” Another was grateful that Sana did not use the Snow camera app, “Sana's first solo ig post WITHOUT SNOW APP GOD WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS😭😭😭😭 THANK U FOR HEARING ME OUT I USED TO PRAY FOR TIMES LIKE THIS.” One fan said, "Opening solo ig accounts and all of their first post’s is of them together."




One fan observed everyone's profile pictures, “My girl Naeyeon already marking her territory !!! jihyo said high fashion, momo and Mina giving influenza, sana a Star Magic hopeful, jeongyeon and chaeyoung so quirky ! and artsy ! tzuyu kakauwi lang galing prom, dahyun couldve chosen a better pic.” With TWICE’s official Instagram account being used by the girls previously, fans said, “Onces are over the moon. rip twicetagram,” and “Fly high twicetagram.”




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