Top April K-pop Acts: Gaon honors NCT Dream, Stray Kids, TWICE and Red Velvet

Top April K-pop Acts: Gaon honors NCT Dream, Stray Kids, TWICE and Red Velvet
Stray Kids, NCT Dream, Red Velvet, and TWICE were given album sales certificates in April (@Stray_Kids, @NCTsmtown_DREAM, @RVsmtown, and @JYPETWICE/Twitter)

It is that time of the month again as Gaon has taken it upon themselves to honor the top K-pop acts of the month of April. The Korean music chart releases a monthly list of those they award with album sales certificates like platinum and million-seller badges after combing through their charts. The last few months saw acts like BTS, TWICE and NCT get certified with platinum and million-seller badges.

In March, we saw rookie groups Enhypen, NMIXX, and Treasure making their mark in K-pop with best-selling albums. Gaon partners up with the KMCA (Korean Music Content Industry Association) to honor K-pop albums with certificates that cross 250K sales and are older than six weeks. This is why fans knew that NCT Dream and Stray Kids would make the list in April.


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Gaon honors acts like NCT Dream and Stray Kids

On May 12, Gaon released the list for April that included K-pop acts that have been awarded album sales certificates. NCT Dream’s ‘Glitch Mode’ broke even more records than their previous triple-million comeback. In just four days of its release, the album got a million sales. So there was no doubt that a month later they will be awarded a double-million badge for crossing 2 million sales. The lead single charted at #5 on the Monthly Download Chart, while the album was at #2 on Monthly Album Chart, #10 on Weekly Retail Album Chart, and #2 on the Monthly Retail Album Chart.


April was a good month for Stray Kids as they were awarded for four different albums that were released between 2018 and 2022. Their 2018 album ‘I Am You’ was certified platinum, while ‘Go Live’ became a double-platinum. ‘Christmas EveL’ is now a triple-platinum seller, while fans already knew that their latest album ‘Oddinary’ would be getting a million-seller badge in April. ‘Oddinary’ also ranked at #10 on the Monthly Album Chart.


With TWICE’s latest album ‘Formula of Love’ making history by debuting at #3 on Billboard 200 and getting the highest first-week sales in 2021 among girl groups, it was their best-selling album yet. It has now become a triple-platinum, while their old album ‘Feel Special’ ranked at #8 on the Weekly Album Chart.


Red Velvet’s best-selling album ‘The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm’ has been certified as double platinum, while the single ‘Feel My Rhythm’ ranked at #7 on Weekly Digital Chart. It was also #3 on the Monthly Digital Chart, #8 on Monthly Download Chart, #6 on Weekly Streaming Chart #6, #3 on Monthly Streaming Chart #3, #4 on Monthly Album Chart, and #9 on the Monthly Retail Album Chart.


Supergroup MSG Wannabe continues to do well despite not being active anymore. The sub-unit M.O.M's single ‘Only You’ received a platinum badge for crossing 100 million streams. It is also #9 on the Monthly Digital Chart, while ‘Do you want to hear’ is #9 on the Monthly Streaming Chart.


Lim Young-woong dominates charts

Lim Young-woong is turning out to be a monster rookie as he dominated music shows last year, while his debut album ‘Im Hero’ has taken South Korea by storm since last week as it crossed 1 million sales in over a day. ‘If We Ever Meet Again’ topped the Weekly Digital Chart and the Weekly BGM Chart, while the other b-side tracks dominated from #4 to #14. All ‘Im Hero’ tracks are in the top 12 of the Weekly Download Chart. ‘Our Blues, Our Life’ topped Monthly Download Chart, and Monthly BGM Chart and is #10 on the Monthly Digital Chart. Meanwhile his 2021 OST ‘Love Always Runs Away’ is #10 on the Monthly Streaming Chart. The album ‘Im Hero’ also topped the Weekly Album Chart and Weekly Retail Album Chart.


BIGBANG’s return with ‘Still Life’ was nothing short of legendary as it got them their 100th music show win. The single topped the Monthly Digital Chart, Weekly Streaming Chart, and Monthly Streaming Chart, and was #2 on the Monthly Download Chart, and #4 on the Monthly BGM Chart.

At the same time, ‘Love Dive’ has become IVE’s best selling album as it topped the Monthly Album Chart and Monthly Retail Album Chart, was #7 on Weekly Retail Album Chart, #4 on Weekly DIgital Chart, Monthly Digital Chart, Monthly Download Chart, #2 on Weekly Streaming Chart, #5 on Monthly Streaming Chart and #3 on Weekly Album Chart.


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