TWICE 1st K-pop girl group with 3 Tokyo Dome concerts, fans say 'you'll always be famous'

TWICE 1st K-pop girl group with 3 Tokyo Dome concerts, fans say 'you'll always be famous'
TWICE to hold three sold-out concerts at Tokyo Dome, Japan (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)

TWICE continues to make history with their concerts. Previously, it was reported that they became the first K-pop girl group to have the most-attended North American concert and to announce an encore concert, followed by becoming the second K-pop act after BTS to have not one but two stadium concerts in USA. On top of that, TWICE became the first girl group to earn $2 million for one concert and $4 million for two concerts in USA. And now they are also set to break records in Japan.

TWICE’s fourth world tour ‘III’ is helping the K-pop girl group break records after records. It was reported that their tour had helped their label JYPE’s net worth rise by 1 trillion won (~815 million) in 2022. And now, TWICE is set to attend the Japanese leg of their tour. On April 23, it was announced that TWICE would be performing for three days straight at Tokyo Dome. They were only supposed to have a 2-day concert but due to high demand, JYPE added a third concert for TWICE.  With the arena consisting of 55k seats, tickets for all 3 days are sold out.

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TWICE to perform in Tokyo Dome

This makes TWICE the first K-pop girl group and foreign female act to have three concerts at Tokyo Dome. Additionally, they are only the second female act, in general, to achieve this milestone following the popular J-pop girl group AKB58. TWICE’s popularity in Japan has been evident ever since its debut in 2015. In March 2019, the K-pop girl group had set a record for becoming the fastest foreign act ever to perform at Tokyo Dome following their debut. Following the Japanese concerts, TWICE will fly to LA for their record-breaking encore concert at California Stadium in May.

‘I’m gonna weep’

Fans are excited for the Tokyo Dome concerts beginning on April 23. A ONCE (TWICE’s fan) tweeted, “I can't believe we're gonna see twice in tokyo dome in a few hours with a whole new setlist,  outfits and stages I am gonna weeeep.” Another fan flexed, “Multiple ggs have performed at coachella but I think it’s better that twice finish their world tour first before doing something like that. Because honestly no other Korean gg has sold out a US stadium as well as a Tokyo dome before. It’s honestly worth more for Twice.”

One posted, “Twice watching the announcement of their first Dome Tour in Japan 3 years ago... Now after 3 long and exhausting years our girls are back in the Tokyo Dome with 3 sold out nights. I'm so proud.” Another shared that the concerts were better than attending Coachella, “Why would they perform in a festival with 50+ artist lineup but less attendance than Twice's own Tokyo dome concerts?”





A ONCE commented, “2 Sold Out Shows in SK, 7 Sold Out Shows in US, 3 Sold Out Shows in Tokyo Dome and 2 Sold Out Stadium Shows in the US. King Of Girl Groups for a reason. Congratulations TWICE! You'll always be famous. That's the Queens of Japan as well.” Another added, “TWICE being the first kpop girlgroup to hold a 3 day concert in Tokyo dome which ORIGINALLY was supposed to be only 2 but because seats sold out so quick that they had to add another day ☺️❤️ THE POWER OF OUR QUEENS.”




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