TWICE Dahyun terrorized for skipping Blackpink Lisa's song, fans say 'what else can we expect from Blinks?'

TWICE Dahyun terrorized for skipping Blackpink Lisa's song, fans say 'what else can we expect from Blinks?'
Childish fan war ensues as Blackpink Lisa fans mock and troll TWICE's Dahyun for skipping a YouTube ad for the song, 'Lalisa' (JYP Entertainment; YG Entertainment)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Fanwars are part and parcels of the K-pop genre, and given the fact that idols, in reality, are really close to each other, there is no denying the fact that fans of two popular contemporary idols and groups never have any sense of friendship or unity. So is the case for Blinks (fans of Blackpink) and Onces (fans of TWICE) who have been often seen in chaotic fan wars as each fandom aims at defending their faves' honor. Something just like that happened a few days ago and Onces are now calling out Blinks for their toxicity towards TWICE's Dahyun over an incident so inconsequential that it could have been best ignored.

Over the years, the Blackpink fandom has been seen as one that had been called out for picking unnecessary fights by bullying idols. While many fandoms use the Instagram comment section to express their disapproval of the actions of idols by spamming the posts with vomit, poop, and other unkind emojis. However, solo Blink stans have been notorious for doing this with members of Blackpink itself. Now as TWICE's Dahyun is being trolled for something very petty, fans of the JYP Entertainment girl group are calling fans of Blackpink childish for their behavior after a completely harmless action from TWICE's Dahyun.


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TWICE Dahyun trolled for skipping a Blackpink ad

On the online community platform Nate Pann, one fan of TWICE revealed that Dahyun was being trolled in the comment section of her Instagram account. The fan stated that when Dahyun was hosting a live stream on Bubble, TWICE's fan cafe, a Blackpink song played as an advertisement on the video she was trying to play.

The fan said, that Dahyun began nodding her head to the beat initially but skipped the advertisement mentioning that she did not have YouTube Premium. The song in question was Blackpink Lisa's solo single, 'Lalisa' and now some toxic solo stans of Blackpink and Lisa are leaving nasty comments on the TWICE member's Instagram asking her to apologize to Lisa.


'It's so embarrassing for Blinks'

Fans of TWICE are calling these trolls petty and childish for terrorizing Dahyun over something so insignificant and harmless as skipping an advertisement on her own live stream. One fan said, “And you wonder why your fandom is labeled as one of the most toxic." One more fan said, "IT LITERALLY JUST AN AD?!? Woah, this start from me being chill to angry real quick. Who does't skip ads? I mean, let's be real. This is fucking ridiculous. Wtf watch YouTube ads? You guys seriously need to take shower and find a job."

Another fan said, "And they call themselves feminists." One fan said, "This is so childish and embarrassing for them." One more fan said, "This is just embarrassing for Blinks." Another fan responded, "I can’t understand how they post these kind of stuff without thinking it’s the most embarrassing and childish thing ever." One fan said, "What can we expect from them." One fan said, ""Jst Bcz she skipped an ads" this is so embrassing, k wonder if black pink is ashamed of the nonsense their fans are doing." One fan mocked, "I'd skip it too. why would I subject my fans to that noise."











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