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'Treat Dahyun Better' trends as TWICE fandom blasts JYPE for mistreating K-pop idol

Dahyun is a trained actress and has hosted several shows but she is yet to sign any solo projects in 2021
UPDATED DEC 23, 2021
Dahyun has not been featured in any solo project in 2021, be it magazine covers, acting and hosting gigs or song covers (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)
Dahyun has not been featured in any solo project in 2021, be it magazine covers, acting and hosting gigs or song covers (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)

Fans are starting to think that TWICE just might ‘pull a GOT7’ after Dahyun is the latest girl group member to be mistreated by their label JYPE. Since early 2019, fans noticed JYPE ignoring GOT7, giving them fewer comebacks and promotions, and blocking members from pursuing solo careers. It got so bad that all the members collectively decided to leave the label. Well, it looks like history is repeating itself with JYPE coming under fire for its mistreatment of their girl group too.

We first had JYPE not taking any action when a German stalker claimed he was flying to Seoul to meet Nayeon. On top of that, Tzuyu began getting death threats on her VLive and had fans begging JYPE to take better care of the youngest TWICE member. Jeongyeon has also been in the news lately for being excluded from their merch and Japanese release since she was on hiatus. She also revealed that JYPE had stopped her from pursuing acting offers. The label also took no action against trolls who have criticized her weight gain. 

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Dahyun’s solo projects

And now fans are rallying behind Dahyun. The TWICE member has often gone viral for her insane proportions and slim waist. But she has rarely gotten any solo magazine covers or photoshoots since her debut. What fans found frustrating was in the year 2021, she hadn’t been featured in any solo shoots. Additionally, while other members got solo projects, song covers, variety show appearances there have been none at all for Dahyun in 2021.

Apart from the promotions with TWICE for their album releases, Dahyun has not been allowed to expand her solo career. This despite the fact that she is a trained actress, has often shown an affinity for hosting shows and was even an MC on music shows, ISAC (Idol Star Athletics Championship) and even SNL Korea. With Dahyun being an all-rounder, she was in fact accepted by all the Big 3 labels (SM, YG and JYPE) but chose to sign with JYPE.

‘What's not clicking’

Fans have been trending ‘Treat Dahyun Better’ and ‘Dahyun Deserves Solo Project’ with a vengeance as there are only 8 days left in 2021 and she is yet to get any projects this year. A ONCE tweeted, “Remember that girl who went viral for her eagle dance pre-debut? And was so beloved by the gp because of it? Yeah, JYP are hiding her from the gp now TREAT DAHYUN BETTER.” Another fan shared, “Looking back to this style ver. Dahyun she has a pro model energy, so what's not clicking, give her a solo magazine shoot!” 

One fan posted, “Wow 8 days to the end of the year and the members still have magazine photos, melody project, what about Dahyun? no solo activities???” Another commented, “My Love, im so sorry! You deserve the best in this world..” One angry fan added, “How come the members still has their own magazine project even when theres 8 days left till 2022 but dahyun has absolutely 0? JYPE is nothing but a clout chaser and used Dahyun for popularity, now where's her solo?” Another ONCE pointed out, “Everyone getting acting debuts even nugus with zero acting experiences. yet dahyun who trained and was first shown as an actress is getting dust from that company.”