Ten reveals NCT, WayV and SuperM's roles in his life, fans say 'it must be amazing'

Ten gets honest about being friends with different interests and how he feels about NCT, WayV and SuperM

                            Ten reveals NCT, WayV and SuperM's roles in his life, fans say 'it must be amazing'
Ten for his single 'Paint Me Naked' (@tenlee_1001/Instagram)

Quite recently, the Thai-born K-pop idol Ten came back with his first single of 2021, ‘Paint Me Naked’. It’s his first solo single in three years and has been received positively from everyone. To promote it, his schedule has been jam-packed from performing on music shows to appearing on variety shows and interviews. And on August 12, he sat down with Ashley Choi, BTOB’s Peniel and Junny at Dive’s Podcast, ‘Get Real’ to talk about his single.

Dive Studios is a popular platform that brings international fans together and provides exclusive content by interacting with K-pop artists majorly in English or by providing subtitles in popular global languages. The hosts are all celebrities like Eric Nam, Peniel and Kard’s BM who can speak in English. We also have the studio branching out by launching podcasts purely in Korean by idols like Pentagon’s Kino and Astro’s JinJin due to the platform’s sudden fame in South Korea as well.

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Ten gets honest about having many friends

A few days ago, Dive Studios asked fans to send in questions that they would want Ten to answer. The response was overwhelming as they ended up trending on Twitter. And some of them were answered by Ten during his appearance on the Dive Podcast. One of the questions caught everyone’s eye as it was perfect for someone like Ten who is in three K-pop groups. While he may have initially debuted in NCT, he is also a part of their Chinese fixed sub-unit which is a group in its own right, WayV. Additionally, he was scouted to be a part of SM’s supergroup SuperM.

The question was that the fan was in several groups, but due to each group’s different interests, they did not click with even one of them. They stated that the relationships felt empty and asked how could they have good chemistry with their friends or people in general. Peniel and Junny stated that it’s okay if they didn’t click on everything and if there was one mutual thing that was alright. Peniel told the fan that they didn’t have to emulate their friends and match them on every level, and just express themselves.


Ten revealed that he used to be like the fan in school and tried to get along with everyone. And he found it tiring to find matching interests with everyone. He added that, in fact, it would be weird if there was one person who was exactly the same as you. He explained that he had a lot of friends, but out of them only two of them really knew him. He also said that if you try too much, it feels overwhelming and people will walk away. He then went on to explain how his energy was with the three different groups he was in.

Ten's relationship with NCT, WayV and SuperM

With NCT, since he trained with them since he was a kid, they’re still friends even if he doesn’t meet them for a year. He elaborated that they were like best friends. With WayV, he felt like they were family since they’ve lived together. They'd have dinner nights and movie nights like a family. With SuperM, it felt like university students hanging out together. Since they all have different interests, he added that talking to them was fun. He joked that he wanted more, but he didn’t mean that he wanted to be a part of more groups, but more schedules with the existing groups.


Ten's own music projects

When asked how he handled it, he said it was hard to remember the choreography of all the different groups if he doesn’t dance for three days. He also added that he preferred making his own music and his own project instead of someone making it for him and giving a script that he had to follow and memorize. The MCs agreed that it seemed like his goal for 2021 was to express himself. He also spoke about his clothing collection with Represent and that he went a bit safe with the designs since it was his first time collaborating with them.

‘Paint Me Naked’ was released on SM Station on August 10. It is a pop-rock song with an artistic music video that allows Ten to show his creativity. He also compared the experience between his previous singles and ‘Paint Me Naked’. This was the first time he could choose his own song, have his opinions on the music video, the art and clothing. He also added that this song expressed himself best since he’s always trying to be cool and rap in his groups’ discography. 

Watch the videos below.



'I'm emotional'

Fans were touched by Ten’s response and ended up trending WayV with tweets like, “Ten said that with NCT members it’s a best friend vibe, with Wayv members it’s family , with SuperM it’s like university friends hanging out. IM EMOTIONAL!” and “Ten saying wayv has a family vibe “we are so chill we have dinner night, movie night, we do that as a family” wayv family.” Fans were also happy that he and other NCT members were getting more freedom as they brought up Ten’s next single with YangYang, "This is exactly what I want from NCT U,  different members dropping music at any given time." Another fan said, "I really envy them for their social life. they are around their best friends all the time it must be amazing."