Ten drops English solo single ‘Paint Me Naked', MV, concept photos bear his artistic 'tenprint'

Ten drops English solo single ‘Paint Me Naked', MV, concept photos bear his artistic 'tenprint'
Ten designed the concept photo for 'Paint Me Naked' (@tenlee_1001/Instagram)

Looks like Ten has gone all out for his third single ‘Paint Me Naked’. As a part of NCT, WayV and SuperM, the Thai-born K-pop idol has been quite busy with his group projects. In fact, last weekend, he performed at SuperM’s online concert. But we are finally getting a Ten Solo. Expectations have been high all week as Ten teased his solo single with doodles and edgy concept photos.

The English single was finally released on August 10 along with a music video that tells us exactly who Ten is as an artist. With grungey teasers, fans wondered if he would enter the world of glam rock with ‘Paint Me Naked’. While 10velys were wrong, they weren’t far off. It is a pop-rock song with a unique melody and guitar sounds that you can’t help but move along to. The echoey bridge builds the climax as we are graced with Ten's heavenly vocals singing, "Miles away, far from what they would say about us/I'm not afraid."

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Ten drops artsy music video for 'Paint Me Naked'

Along with electric guitar riffs and synth samplers, the fun song has an equally cheery and upbeat music video that everyone is going gaga over. It should be noted that along with being an all-rounder idol who can dance, rap and sing, Ten has a plethora of talents from being a polyglot to an artist. And he shows his creative side by designing everything possible from the teasers to picking outfits that scream Ten.

Additionally, 10velys loved that everything Ten does has some kind of message behind it. We again see this in ‘Paint Me Naked’ as he defies the standard image of a K-pop idol with his outfits and sings about not caring what society thinks. We also see it in his clever symbolism that he incorporates with the use of paint from the props and art gallery to his nail art design oozing confidence as he sings about love overcoming all odds.



Everyone was excited about Ten finally dropping his solo single. Even his fellow NCT members like Kun, Mark, YangYang and Xiaojun supported him and the single by posting it on their Instagram Stories. 10velys have also been hyping up the release with ‘#Paint_Me_Naked’ that it topped several Twitter trends including the worldwide trends. Additionally, in just two hours of its release, the single has already topped at #1 on iTunes in 16 different countries and has more than 2.2M Youtube views. It also entered Bugs chart and had more than 2k likes in the first hour on MelOn.

Watch the music video below.


‘The tenprint’

10velys loved the rock-tinged ending of the music video as they tweeted, “The tenprint,” and ‘Everything about this.” They were also impressed at how he showed off his capabilities in just one music video, “For an idol who is recognized for his top class dancing, pulling off those high notes, falsettos, and his punk like singing style and showing his artistic side just proves how ten lee is one of the most versatile idols through a 3:08 video.” Another fan loved that he was just enjoying himself, “Take a moment and appreciate how ten showed us so much facial expressions and feels in the mv and was just enjoying and grooving the whole time.” Fans also liked that he edited his own concept photos to make it more ‘Ten’, “Ten made his own concept photo even more cool appreciation post.”







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