ASTRO 'SWITCH ON' debuts at No 2 on iTunes worldwide, fans say 'they deserve it all'

ASTRO comes back with their 8th mini-album 'SWITCH ON' that starts topping the charts globally breaking their own record

                            ASTRO 'SWITCH ON' debuts at No 2 on iTunes worldwide, fans say 'they deserve it all'
ASTRO performs 'After Midnight' at Naver Now (@ASTRO_Staff/Twitter)

The K-pop group ASTRO made their comeback with their new EP or mini-album 'SWITCH ON' with their comeback showcase on Naver Now at 7 pm KST (6 am ET). ASTRO has been in the K-pop industry for quite some time now and it is only fair for them to become more globally successful with every new comeback/release. On August 2, 2021, the six-member boy band ASTRO broke its own record by debuting at #2 on iTunes Worldwide Albums Charts with their 8th mini-album, 'SWITCH ON'.

The EP was released globally right after ASTRO made their comeback with the title song 'After Midnight.' Countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru saw the song debuting at #1 on iTunes Top Songs Chart. This is a long-awaited win for them where Arohas repaid ASTRO by breaking their own record. ASTRO debuted at #2 on iTunes Worldwide Albums Chart. The album also achieved the #1 status in 5 countries and ranked at the top in 10 countries. 'SWITCH ON' also topped in the 'K-pop Album' Chart in 20 regions including the US, the UK, Australia, France and Japan proving ASTROs potential to dominate charts globally.


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ASTRO 'After Midnight' tops iTunes Top Song Chart in 5 countries (@fantagiomusic_/Twitter)

Title track ‘After Midnight’ not far behind in global domination

Alongside that, 'After Midnight' debuted at #28 on iTunes Worldwide Songs Chart. ASTRO has time and again has made it clear that they are a group of talented artists with their powerful music and ethereal vocals. This time around, ASTRO made it clear that they are globally popular by dominating the K-Pop Songs Chart, taking the first place in seven countries like Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore and Switzerland

Ranking on local charts, ASTRO reclaim their title

Another achievement for ASTRO was them ranking first on the Bugs Music Chart on the day of release with 'SWITCH ON'. Not only that ASTRO was also successfully reclaiming their title of 'Summer Kings' with their song that is filled with the warmth and freshness of summer. Being a song written and composed by all members, 'SWITCH ON' has received a positive response not only in South Korea but also from fans worldwide.

ASTRO has been expanding its global presence by breaking its own record every time. The boy band is all set to start promoting their mini-album 'SWITCH ON' and meet Arohas through various reality shows and broadcasts.

ASTRO captured before their official comeback (@offclASTRO/Twitter)

‘They deserve it all’

Fans are delirious by the love the new EP and title song has been receiving. Arohas were quick to jump to Twitter to discuss how ASTRO has been charting successfully worldwide. One fan wished the boys a Good Night saying, “Goodnight to astro, switch on reached more than 25 top ten on itunes, #2 on the worldwide album chart and breaking all records about the mv views, they deserve it all.” Another fan said, “The way I looked for us at (#) 3 or 4 but we were all the way to the top.” while another fan posting updates on ASTRO Charting said, “After Midnight surpass One and is now the most viewed ASTRO MV in the first 24 hours.” while also tweeting, “This is the first time ASTRO has put a bside on the 'Worldwide iTunes Chart' and they've already managed to put the entire album on.” praising the boys for beating their own success record.