NCT's Ten teases solo single ‘Paint Me Naked’, fans say it ‘feels like a fever dream’

Ten of NCT, WayV and SuperM fame is coming back with his third solo single 'Paint Me Naked' as he released a teaser image for it on August 3

                            NCT's Ten teases solo single ‘Paint Me Naked’, fans say it ‘feels like a fever dream’
Ten will release solo single soon (@tenlee_1001/Instagram)

Ten is one of the most versatile K-pop idols out there. From being a part of NCT, WayV and SuperM, the Thai artist has done it all. Along with his heavenly vocals and effortless rap verses, he is also known for his sleek dance form and athleticism. From plain doodling to editing side projects, he has also designed official logos and artwork. The list just doesn’t stop as we have to also talk about his linguistic skills as he knows a variety of languages from Korean, Japanese, English to Mandarin, along with his mother tongue which is Thai. And now we are getting a Ten solo.

Ten has experimented with a lot of genres as seen in his singles. He first released his solo single ‘Dream in a Dream’ in 2017 and his second EDM single ‘New Heroes’ in 2018. He has also done duets like ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ with NCT’s leader Taeyong in 2018. But since then, he’s been focusing on WayV after debuting in the group in 2019. Well, now we’re getting his third solo single, ‘Paint Me Naked’.


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Ten to release solo single ‘Paint Me Naked’

His agency, SM Entertainment revealed on August 3 that Ten would be releasing his solo single ‘Paint Me Naked’ on August 10. It will be a part of their musical project SM Station. Ten has been dropping hints and spoilers by releasing doodles and artwork. Fans had no clue what they were for since the idea of a solo didn’t even cross their minds. They wondered if Ten would be doing a cover or collaborating with someone. He last had a collaboration with DJ Ginjo and WayV member Xiaojun for ‘The Riot’ in 2020.

Thus the news of a Ten solo had 10velys (his fandom) overwhelmed as they went on to trend the news for a whole day. In less than 24 hours, ‘#Paint_Me_Naked’ accumulated more than 1 million tweets on Twitter. They also trended ‘SO10’, which is a reference to Ten’s solo.


‘Ten trendsetter’

One fan tweeted, “I was keeping my hopes below ground, thought it'd be NCT 2021 or WayV cb or maybe if we were lucky another brand collab never in a thousand years did I imagine we'd be lucky enough to get so10 so soon BUT TEN SOLO IS COMING.” Another tweeted, “Everything still feels like a fever dream.” 10velys also noticed that other fans were creating fan art of other idols inspired from Ten’s album artwork, “Ten trendsetter is starting OMG.”

Another noticed, “1M tweets for Ten in less than 24 hours! Everyone was waiting for him! The impact he has!” One tweeted, “He said this thing and then proceeded to release a song titled #Paint_Me_Naked I love this man <3.” Another tweeted, “The duality he possesses.” One wondered what kind of genre the single will be, “I REALLY FEEL LIKE WE'RE GETTING GLAM ROCK TEN IN PAINT ME NAKED I SWEAR I CAN FEEL IT IN MY LEFT BOOB.”