NCT’s Doyoung and Haechan release ‘Maniac’, fans call their vocals together a ‘double kill’

‘Maniac’ has vocals by Doyoung and Haechan which debuted at #2 on melOn Top100 making them the first SM artist to achieve this with a new release

                            NCT’s Doyoung and Haechan release ‘Maniac’, fans call their vocals together a ‘double kill’
Maniac debuts at #2 on melOn Top100 chart. It has vocals by Doyoung and Haechan of NCT (@NCTsmtown/Twitter)

NCTzens are getting overwhelmed with back to back comebacks from the band's members. A few days ago it was announced that Doyoung and Haechan, members of the K-Pop group NCT, were all set to contribute their vocals to a song produced by Ryan Jhun. It was also reported that their label SM Entertainment was set to release an orchestra version of NCT U’s fun dance song ‘Make a Wish’.

Both these songs were released on August 12 at the same time; and if that wasn't enough for fans another announcement was released on the same day. It was also reported that Ten and Yangyang, members of the NCT Universe Chinese group WayV, were set to collaborate with each other in a new single which will be released on August 17. It hasn’t even been a few days since Ten himself released a solo single, ‘Paint Me Naked’, which has already started topping charts and making heads turn.


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Doyoung and Haechan’s powerful vocals unite

The music video for their latest collaborative single ‘Maniac’ was released on August 12, 2021 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET) globally on 1theK’s official YouTube channel. The single was also released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

The song is produced by music producer Ryan Jhun for the project ‘Maxis by Ryan Jhun Pt 1’ with vocals by Haechan and Doyoung. The music video features choreographer Kim Lia appearing in two different roles - one of a smooth dancer in a white dress and the other of a powerful business person in a black suit.


Maniac is the perfect slow dance song

‘Maniac’ is a sultry slow dance track that has the perfect combination of Haechan’s low smooth vocals with Doyoung’s deeper seductive voice. Starting slow, the song soon picks up pace and becomes the most ideal confession song a lover could sing about their significant other.

Doyoung and Haechan raise each other up with a perfect back and forth, supporting each other with the perfect lyrics that make listeners feel like they are being coerced onto the dance floor. The ending of the music video is apt as a group of back-up dancers show out of nowhere to break out into a dance off.

Watch the music video below.


Fans chant, ‘Double Kill’

Before its release, Haechan and Doyoung enthusiasts started trending “Maniac out now”, and by the time the song was released it was all that fans could talk about. NCTzens were quick to notice how SM Entertainment did not promote this release and only focused on talking about the orchestra version of ‘Make a Wish’; but despite that, fans were still delighted by the fact that both Doyoung and Haechan complimented each other’s vocals so well, claiming it to be a ‘double kill.’ One fan said, “THIS IS SO GOOOOOOODDDD SUITS REALLY WELL WITH HAECHAN AND DOYOUNG", thanking producer Jhun for choosing the two artists. Another said, "It so good, thank you for choosing haechan and doyoung."




Fans started noticing how well Haechan and Doyoung's vocals complimented each other and said, "Haechan + Doyoung voice = double kill." Another said, "So proud of haechan and doyoung their vocals are so double kill! Its just so perfect." While one fan said, "DOUBLE KILL FOR THE VOCALS." One fan commented saying, "I really wish Haechan could sing this type of songs more. It suits his unique vocal tone. Also, Doyoung. He has a deeper tone compared to HC so when they sang together or switched, it sounds melodic and good to the ears. Idk what to say anymore. It's just -- They are AMAZING." And another stated, "THEIR VOICES COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER SO MUCH."