Pentagon's maknae line Yuto, Kino and Wooseok tease 1st single ‘Cerberus’, fans hope it's rock

Also known as the 'mayo line', Yuto, Kino and Wooseok have worked together in the past for several of Pentagon's songs

                            Pentagon's maknae line Yuto, Kino and Wooseok tease 1st single ‘Cerberus’, fans hope it's rock
Kino, Wooseok and Yuto of Pentagon (Pentagon/YouTube)

While we’ve had songs from Pentagon’s hip-hop sub-unit such as ‘Lost Paradise’, this is the first time that they will be coming together to release a single without member and leader Hui. He is currently serving in the military and so has been on a temporary hiatus. But the rest of the sub-unit, which consists of Yuto, Kino and Wooseok are ready to drop their digital single ‘Cerberus’.

The three members are also part of the ‘maknae’ line as they’re the youngest of the group. They’re all born in January 1998 and their birthdays are 4 days apart from each other. This feeds into the Cerberus storyline since it is a Greek mythical animal with three heads. Known for being one of the biggest self-producing K-pop groups, all of Pentagon’s members have a hand in making their iconic songs.


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Yuto, Kino and Wooseok to release 'Cerberus'

And now we have three producers who are all on different spectrums coming together for ‘Cerberus’. Kino prefers jazzy R&B while Wooseok is into hip-hop and Yuto is known to have a soft spot for rock-ballads. We’ve seen them work together on Pentagon songs like ‘Happiness’ and ‘Spring Snow’ but this is the first time these three members will be the only ones recording a single.



Pentagon first teased the single by dropping a picture of a sleek red car that has the image of Cerberus the day before. And on August 10, they confirmed that it was a teaser for the upcoming single ‘Cerberus’. With the mythological animal known for guarding the gates of the Underworld, fans are curious as to what kind of genre the song will be. They also released a moving image teaser with hints of trap sounds. The track will be released on August 18 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).


The 'mayo' line sub-unit

Fans are excited as they’ll get to see the ‘mayo’ line reunite and ended up trending it on Twitter. Considered to be an inside joke, fans call the three members part of the ‘mayo’ line since during a variety show, the three came up with a quirky chant. While shouting the word ‘maknae’ which means the youngest, Wooseok said that it sounded like mayonnaise. So they changed their chant to the salad dressing due to which the fans have resorted to calling them the ‘mayo’ line.

Fans hyped up the release with tweets like, “Mayo line's individual producing styles are so different in a good way it's hard to predict how the tracks gonna be like," and “so ppl were right. it was the mayo line ongomg.” One fan brought back the “mayonnaise” chant to show their support, “I remember this like I've just watch it last 2 months and today we got this kinda of news that mayo line would release a digital single Smiling face with sunglassesSmiling face with sunglasses it's happen for real !! 98L aka mayo line.”




The self-producing K-pop group

The youngest member, Wooseok has actually written songs for Pentagon as well as other K-pop groups like Wanna One and has 81 songs total as of June 2021. Kino has 43 songs to his name and quite recently made the song ‘Atlantis’ for A.C.E’s latest album. Meanwhile, Yuto has participated in the making of 38 songs like (G)I-DLE’s ‘I’m The Trend’.

'Hottest unit song of the century'

Many were excited but also sad that they might not get Yuto for live performances as he’s in Japan at the moment, “Will there be a stage for the song? like I really want them to perform the song even though I have no idea what genre the don't will be BUT THEN YUTO IS IN JAPAN RN :(((.” One fan tried to guess the genre of the song, “I just know, like 80% sure, with the 2 pictures uploaded for #Cerberus that it will be somewhere along the rock genre.” Another tweeted, “PENTAGON MAKNAE LINE COMPOSER LINE RAP LINE ABOUT TO DROP THE HOTTEST UNIT SONG OF THE CENTURY.”