NCT’s Doyoung makes musical debut with ‘Marie Antoinette’, moves viewers with powerful voice

NCTzens and the audience applauded Doyoung's performance in the musical debut as he aced both singing and acting

                            NCT’s Doyoung makes musical debut with ‘Marie Antoinette’, moves viewers with powerful voice
NCT's Doyoung stars in his first musical, 'Marie Antoinette' (@emk_musical/Instagram)

Back in May, it was announced that NCT’s Doyoung would be participating in his very first musical, ‘Marie Antoinette’. The play follows the tumultuous life of Marie Antoinette, the ill-fated queen of France. Doyoung plays Swedish count Hans Axel de Fersen, who falls in love with Marie Antoinette. With a tragic romantic storyline, Doyoung’s character is as complex as they come. 

While Doyoung was nervous since it was his first musical, he assured he'd give his best. With his vocal trainer and cast impressed by his determination and passion, expectations were high. His first performance was on July 17 in Seoul, and included members Jaehyun and Jungwoo as well as a couple of NCTzens in the audience. 

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NCT’s Doyoung in his first musical

Fans in the audience took to Twitter to describe the experience as they saw Doyoung acting in a musical for the first time. He caught the audience’s eye with his visual presence as he first appeared on stage in a cape. But soon everyone focused on his vocals as he sang his first verse. Doyoung is one of those singers who wears his emotions on his sleeve even while singing as one can visually see what he is feeling. This is why it wasn’t surprising for NCTzens that he could act as he sang to Marie Antoinette with sad eyes.

Every time Doyoung left the stage it felt like his scenes were too short as viewers waited for him to come out once again. Every little detail he put in his acting elevated his performance from his smiles when he first meets Marie to looking at the audience while harmonizing with her. ‘Distant Thunder’ happens to be Doyoung as well as NCTzens' favorite number as it's quite unique. The song takes place during the intense scene where he saves Marie’s rival, Magrid, which is why he sings while shouting with hints of growls that left chills among the audience.


Act 2 is full of anguish as it goes from Axel de Fersen trying to help Marie escape to her being jailed and executed. Emotions radiated in the theatre as Doyoung sang with an imprisoned Marie. At the end of the number, they share a kiss full of longing and fans couldn’t help but notice his face full of desperation and helplessness. When Marie is executed, fans felt the teary-eyed Doyoung stole the show as he choked up while still managing to sing in the perfect pitch.

His pain could be felt by the audience as if he was not acting. The stunning scene tugged at the viewers' hearts as they couldn’t get over the tragic scene.

A standing ovation

Doyoung also got a standing ovation which means a lot to NCTzens as this was his first show. With zero experience, he gave his all which the audience could feel while watching the play. Fans present at the show said that the whole theatre was filled with Doyoung’s voice which is worth witnessing at least once in a lifetime.

‘You’re born for the stage’

Fans were extremely proud as they showered Doyoung with love on Twitter. One NCTzen tweeted, "Kim doyoung the first nct member to debut in musical theater sounds so sexy.” Another tweeted, “Doyoung I'm so proud of you oh my god how do I even begin You delivered every line with precision and I felt all the emotions you were conveying. This is a good start!! I'm so excited for everyone to see your greatness. You're born for the stage!” Another tweeted, “Me rn while everyone is praising doyoung.” One tweeted, “DOYOUNG RECEIVED A STANDING OVATION ON HIS MUSICAL DEBUT DAY I am so proud of you.”