Stray Kids’ Lee Know aka Minho makes fans swoon on ‘City Fisherman’

Stray Kids' Lee Know aka Minho did exceptionally well on the variety show 'City Fisherman' as he won the first round and fans couldn't keep calm

                            Stray Kids’ Lee Know aka Minho makes fans swoon on ‘City Fisherman’
Stray Kids' Lee Know, a still from an episode of ‘City Fisherman’ (Instagram @realstraykids/ YouTube)

The latest episode of the variety show ‘City Fisherman’ is getting a lot of attention due to the guests appearing on it, including Ateez's Yunho. The pastoral entertainment show invites guests to go fishing and bond with each other. The show has been on since 2017 and has guests such as the idols from Winner and Shinhwa. The July 9 episode that is currently airing has an equally star-studded lineup including Stray Kids’ Lee Know.

While the show is a way for guests to relax and enjoy, they also host fishing competitions for the guests. The idols who appeared to promote their various projects in this episode were AB6IX's Woojin, Ateez's Yunho, Block B's Jaehyo, Ha Sungwoon, Kim Wooseok, Stray Kids' Lee Know and The Boyz's Juyeon.


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'Even the fish love minho' on ‘City Fisherman’

Stray Kids’ Lee Know, whose real name is Minho, appeared on the show after a hectic schedule. The group had just participated and won the survival show ‘Kingdom’. They also released their mixtape single ‘Mixtape: OH’, which got them their very first #1 on a Billboard chart. He had also been part of the SKZ-Player project single ‘Drive’ with Bang Chan, which was noticed by Ryan Reynolds.

Twitter ended up trending Lee Know’s real name Minho as fans started tweeting about how well he was doing on 'City Fisherman'. Even Hyunjin was surprised that not only was Lee Know fishing, he was also doing pretty well. He won the first round and also caught the biggest fish, which was above 56 cm. In the second round, he was surprised that he had caught a total of 10 fish.

Fans pointed out how good he was doing. Some even joked that if he ever wanted to retire from K-pop, he could get into fishing. While he was scared of the fish when he initially caught them, he started enjoying himself soon enough. His little victory dance when he caught two fish in a row was adorable as fans hyped him up. He also kept apologizing to the fish and playing in the water as he seemed to be having a good time.

Fans also couldn’t help but notice how good he looked. One Stay tweeted, “Minho’s side profile is an art.” Another joked, “Even the fish love minho they are lining up to be caught.” When the production announced that they were going to extend the live stream, one tweeted, “Stays would watch lee know eat water with a fork for hours in joy so idk how to tell these ppl that we will not be going anywhere as long as they show us minho.” One tweeted, “Minho's reaction when he was told his fish was one of the biggest... I love seeing him this happy and the way everybody shouted out for him.”