Who is Chris Reynolds? Stray Kids' fans ask if Ryan Reynolds 'adopted' Bang Chan after 'Drive'

Stray Kids' Bang Chan and Lee Know released a music video for 'Drive' and Ryan Reynolds had a comment for them

                            Who is Chris Reynolds? Stray Kids' fans ask if Ryan Reynolds 'adopted' Bang Chan after 'Drive'
Stray Kids' Lee Know, Ryan Reynolds and Bang Chan (Instagram/Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Twentieth Century Fox )

Ryan Reynolds is one of those actors Hollywood can always rely on to deliver. He can act, he is gorgeous and he is funny. His dry sense of humor makes his “feud” with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal adorable. Not only that, Reynolds is so committed to everything that he does, fans can’t help but appreciate it. His genuineness is so obvious that he gets adopted in every fandom possible. EXO-Ls were over the moon over his interactions with EXO, when he claimed that he was the 10th member while he was promoting '6 Underground' in 2019. And the latest group happens to be none other than fans of Stray Kids.

During Mnet’s show, 'Kingdom', Stray Kids, who ended up winning, performed a sort of collaboration for the third round. As the theme was ‘No Limit’, they went all out, mixing ‘God’s Menu’ and BLACKPINK’s ‘Ddu-du Ddu-Du.’ Not only that, they incorporated Deadpool into it, by playing the character, incorporating scenes from the films and breaking the fourth wall which is very much Deadpool's style. Reynolds not only noticed the performance but ended up gifting the Stray Kids a bottle of his Aviation American Gin. And he continues to show his support as seen during the release of their new track ‘Drive’.

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Ryan Reynolds notices Stray Kids’ ‘Drive'

For a while, Stray Kids have been releasing solo as well as sub-unit tracks for SKZ-Player video; their latest track was Bang Chan and Lee Know’s ‘Drive’. The hip-hop track was written by both the members and Chan was also involved in the production of it. The sensual song with suggestive lyrics had Stays going wild. Chan ended up trending on Twitter for more than one reason As he was known not to play songs with swear words in his VLives, fans wondered how he would play his own song in his next Live. Not only that, they noticed that Reynolds had seen the music video.

In a hilarious way, fans stated that Reynolds had adopted Chan. A few weeks back, when the first Ryan Reynolds-Stray Kids interaction took place during 'Kingdom', Chan changed his name on social media. In the Bubble app, he used his Australian name and changed it to Chris Reynolds. How did Ryan know about this? Well, as we know, he doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. He or someone in his team subscribed to Chan’s Bubble and were able to post a screenshot of the new name on Twitter.

Referencing that, Reynolds simply commented under ‘Drive’s’ music video, “Here for Chris Reynolds.” This adorable friendship has got Stays going wild as they kept posting memes, wondering how Chan would react to the actor's comment. One fan tweeted, “Will this comment from Ryan Reynolds Drive Bang Chan insane?” Another tweeted, “Chan’s first s*x song and he cuffed a dilf... HIS POWER.” One Stay still couldn’t believe it as they tweeted, “Sooo….Bang Chan has been adopted by Ryan Reynolds is the word on the street?”





Fans also couldn’t wait to see how Chan would explain his newest song which clearly has suggestive wordplay in the lyrics. One fan tweeted, “Chan getting us ready to listen to Drive next Chan’s room.” To show his duality, another Stay tweeted, “Bang Chan in oh mv vs Christopher Bang in drive mv.” Another fan tweeted, “You know what's better than bang chan getting all shy and flustered when he's gonna be explaining the meaning and behind the scenes of drive in his next vlive?? it's lee know explaining drive infront of seungmin and youngk on dekira next week."





Watch the music video below.