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Is SNSD more popular than TWICE? Onces say: 'Concert and fan meeting have different Covid rules'

A recent post claimed that Girls' Generation had sold out all seats for their fanmeeting while comparing it to TWICE's recent concert
Fans slammed Knetz for pitting TWICE and Girls' Generation against each other (@JYPETWICE, @GirlsGeneration/Twitter)
Fans slammed Knetz for pitting TWICE and Girls' Generation against each other (@JYPETWICE, @GirlsGeneration/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: There is not one day that goes by in K-pop where groups are not pitted against each other. Sometimes it is fierce competition that put groups in competition with each other and other times it's the media that puts fans into a frenzy, causing fan wars. Something similar happened with the two biggest girl groups of their time, SNSD (Girls' Generation) and TWICE which has fans slamming the media for making a mountain out of a molehill.

SM Entertainment's SNSD has been a legend among the second-gen of K-pop so much that their influence is still something for the books. On the other hand, JYP Entertainment's TWICE has always been the silent chart toppers that have had the most organic success as a third-gen girl group. On September 5, the two girl groups were pitted against each other as media compared the sales of the two groups as they claimed that despite being on a hiatus for years and 15 years after their debut, GIrls' Generation is more capable of selling out seats in comparison to TWICE who only debuted seven years ago.


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Fans slam media for pitting TWICE against SNSD

Fans have called the comparison between Girls' Generation and TWICE invalid as they slam media for pitting women against women. In the post by Nate Pann, it was alleged that TWICE, who is now a far more popular group than SNSD at present, had empty seats during their concert but Girls' Generation's recent fan meeting had sold out all seats in comparison. While some trolls jump the gun against TWICE, most Onces (fans of TWICE) defend the girl group.

They stated that both events with the girl groups are poles apart as one is a fan meeting that took place recently, whereas the other is a large-scale concert that took place during the pandemic. Onces also claimed that the post is misleading to cause chaos as TWICE has limited seating only due to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines that do not apply to Girls' Generation's fan meetings.


'It's like comparing US and Japan'

Fans are now tired of Nate Pann's comparison of TWICE and SNSD and bashing it for the malicious intent of spreading hate. One fan said, "Guess who made a historical record for all KGG despite 0 promos?" Another fan joked, "Our entire nervous system's been twitching towards TWICE ever since our girl said this, nayeon must've hit a nerve." One fan mocked, "I can do all things through nayeon who strengthens me."

Another fan said, "Nayeon told you all to take shower.... & here's how #twice fills the seats... & don't even dare to compare if your favs don't sell 12M+ album .. having 3 Top-5 albums, 18 Deasang or 119 Show Win." One more fan said, "Twice hate train continue lol, 7 years in their career and antis still care so much TWICE YOU WILL ALWAYS BE FAMOUS."

One fan said, "Twice concert was in pandemic???? wtf is this comparation????? wanna compare in US and Japan." One more fan said, "There is something called social distancing bcs of covid 19. Knetz are stupid."












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