SF9's Dawon and Hwiyoung test positive for Covid-19, halt solo projects

SF9's Dawon and Hwiyoung test positive for Covid-19, halt solo projects
Hwiyoung and Dawon diagnosed with Covid-19 (@SF9official/Twitter)

Fans are worried about the constant news of their favorite K-pop idols being diagnosed with Covid-19. Due to the strict discipline in South Korea, the country was previously commended for its normalcy during the pandemic. But with no lockdown and everything on track it has started affecting artists who have to go to crowded places for their planned gigs. The last few months were the worst yet with several artists and groups getting Covid-19 all at once. It doesn’t seem to be in control yet as Dawon and Hwiyoung of SF9 are the latest idols to test positive.

On October 13, it had been reported that a staff of FNC Entertainment, SF9‘s label had tested positive for Covid-19. The staff member had also come in contact with three of SF9's members last weekend. It turned out to be Dawon and the group’s maknae (youngest) line -- Hwiyoung and Chani. The three idol actors immediately got tested and were awaiting results. Unfortunately, on October 14, it was revealed that while Chani was safe, Dawon and Hwiyoung had ended up getting Covid-19.

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Dawon and Hwiyoung get Covid-19

In the statement released by FNC Entertainment, they then said that the rest of the members had also gotten tested as a safety measure and thankfully their reports had come back negative. For the moment, Dawon and Hwiyoung have gone into self-quarantine and are being taken care of. As for the rest of SF9, they are waiting for results to determine whether they can be considered as close contact cases. If required, then they too will go into self-quarantine. 

Except for Zuho who lives alone, the members share dorms. But some are busy with solo projects and hence rarely stay at home. Rowoon who is shooting for the ongoing K-drama ‘The King’s Affection’ hasn’t lived in the dorm for a while which has fans feeling relieved since he is dormmates with Dawon. But they have been disheartened as Dawon was supposed to shoot for his cover on the Men’s Health magazine. As for Hwiyoung, he was busy filming for the K-drama ‘Miracle’ that also stars Chani. Both of their schedules seem to have been halted till they recover.



Last month, another group of FNC’s had been in trouble. All of N.Flying had ended up getting Covid-19 one after another. Fortunately, this had been after they had canceled their offline concert. They had recovered but once again on October 13, it seems they came in contact with the same staff member from whom Dawon and Hwiyoung contracted the virus. However, on October 14, the label released a second report stating that N.Flying had tested negative. 


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 SF9 Dawon and Hwiyoung test positive for Covid-19 solo projects halted Miracle The King's Affection