Yoo Taeyang's fanboy moment: SF9 star gets lovely message from EXO’s Kai thanks to fan

Taeyang is known to be a huge EXO-L and so a Fantasy engineered a surprise for him by getting Kai to send him a sweet message

                            Yoo Taeyang's fanboy moment: SF9 star gets lovely message from EXO’s Kai thanks to fan
Taeyang has received a sweet message from Kai (@taeyang_0228, @zkdlin/Instagram)

Those who know SF9’s Yoo Taeyang, know that he’s a huge fan of EXO. And other than being an EXO-L (EXO fan), his bias happens to be none other than Kai. He has covered several of EXO’s songs on numerous occasions and is always happy to answer whenever an interviewer asks about him being an EXO-L. Fans also find it endearing and have ended up dubbing Taeyang as the ‘president of EXO-Ls’. So, two fans got together to gift him something special.

Due to the pandemic, meet and greets have gone virtual since last year. Instead of artists performing for their fans and having fansigns, agencies have decided to alter this particular promotional event. Instead, it has become a virtual event where few lucky fans are chosen to have video calls with the artists. Thanks to SF9 and EXO’s latest comebacks, fans had a chance to talk to Taeyang and Kai and create a surprise.

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Taeyang gets a message from Kai

Fans prepare all kinds of gifts and messages for artists when they get into fansigns. And one Fantasy (SF9 fan) decided to do something extra special for Taeyang. On July 27, the fan shared a screen recording of the video call with him and revealed that they had an album of EXO’s ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ that Kai had signed to Taeyang. He had also written a short and sweet message for the SF9 member.


Kai’s message for Taeyang said, “Hi this is KAI. I've been checking upon (your work). Thank you very much for supporting me and liking (my work) all the time. I will always support you too!* I'm following/enjoying your dance. Thanks <3.” Taeyang was surprised and couldn’t believe it. He asked the fan to show the album once again so he could take a screenshot.


The Fantasy later stated on Twitter that they had partnered up with an acquaintance to make this possible. They said that the other person was an EXO-L and had got into EXO’s fansign and was the one who had asked Kai to sign the album for Taeyang. The EXO-L later told the Fantasy that they had asked Kai if he knew about Taeyang and he said yes. Kai had also said that he had seen all of Taeyang’s covers.

We are sure that Taeyang must be over the moon. In fact, a few days ago, in one of the fansigns, another fan joked with Taeyang about Kai’s photo card. They spoke about how difficult it is to pull a photo card of their favorite member from the album and the fan stated that they have a Kai photo card from their EXO album but don’t have one of Taeyang’s from their SF9 album. Taeyang brought his photo card to the screen and joked that they could trade since he wanted the Kai photo card.


It is such adorable moments that fans have found delightful and so, have wanted some kind of EXO-SF9 interaction. Fans ended up trending Taeyang on Twitter as they were all happy for him. One fan tweeted, “No but today it becomes real jongin said he's been watching taeyang's 546 covers and jongin wrote it in such a kind and polite tone and?? taeyang this is the destiny you're waiting for IM SO HAPPY FOR TAEYANG.” Another fan tweeted, “It's the "thank you ♡" for me a whole ♡ taeyang gonna spend the rest of his day smiling as he deserves he stans the right man!!” One tweeted, “Yoo taeyang and Kai things only.” Another tweeted, “Now if we see kai and yoo taeyang in kamong hanging out and being besties  i'll be at peace.”





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