SF9 Chani's upcoming film ‘The Labyrinth’ gets October 6 release date

Fans of SF9’s Chani will finally be able to see him as well as Park Yoona in the lead roles after seeing them in supporting roles in 'True Beauty'

                            SF9 Chani's upcoming film ‘The Labyrinth’ gets October 6 release date
SF9's Chani and Park Yoona's movie 'The Labyrinth' will release on October 6 (@c_chani_i,@youna_1997/Instagram)

SF9’s Chani (Kang Chanhee) made a cameo appearance in the 2020 K-drama ‘True Beauty’ where he played the role of a K-pop idol who committed suicide due to false accusations. Fans loved his role even though he appeared only in a few episodes and had limited screen-time. Chani played the role of Seyeon who was best friends with Cha Eunwoo’s character Suho and Hwang Inyeop’s character Seojun.

The drama also saw Park Yoona, who played the role of Kang Sujin, the second female lead. Although the two did not have a chance to share screen space on the show, fans will be able to see both Chani and Yoona in lead roles for an upcoming film. The movie titled ‘White Day’: The Broken Barrier’ or ‘The Labyrinth’ is a fantasy horror movie about high school students struggling to save their friends from evil spirits that are causing strange phenomena late at night at their school.


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SF9's Chani is the poster for the movie, 'White Day: The Broken Barrier' or 'The Labyrinth' (Lotter Cinema/Facebook)

About 'The Labyrinth'

The movie, ‘White Day: Broken Barrier’ also known as ‘The Labyrinth’ is set to release on October 6, 2021. In the movie, Chani plays the role of Heemin who is the heir of the greatest exorcist in Korea and is not aware of his own powers. Park Yoona please the role of Soyoung, a girl who is keeping a secret about the curse that is afflicting their school. The film is based on the legendary PC package horror game, 'White Day: A Labyrinth Named School' that was released 20 years ago. While the film will draw on the horror game, it will also bring in the added dimension of exorcism to refresh the storyline.

While Chani and Park Yoona play these lead roles, veteran actor Jang Gwang is also one of the main stars of film and has been cast as a lead character. The supporting cast includes actors Lee Seung Il as Daeyoung, Lee Hye Ran as Song Ah. Actors Kim Woorin and Jang Somyi also join the cast in supporting roles.

SF9's Chani will appear in the lead role after a long time on October 6 (Lotte Cinema/Facebook)


Chani posted the trailer of the movie on his Instagram account where fans were able to see the character of Chani along with Yoona and other students from Yeondoo High School. The students, who were on their way to protect themselves from the ghosts inside the school premises as Chani’s character Heemin is very close to being captured by the ghosts, is tormented in the school corridors as well as forced to dive underwater in what seems like the school swimming pool to get away from the ghost.

Watch the trailer here:


A latest poster released for the film shows Chani wandering the school at night while evil lurks in the background. The caption on the posters reads, “The limits of evil have broken down and he has awoken.”




In the Facebook video released on September 20, the lead actors Chani and Yoona began with a special wish for Chuseok. Chani began by saying, “Korea's biggest holiday, Chuseok, is approaching.” Park Yoona said, “I hope you have a happy Chinese New Year by meeting with your loved ones, eating delicious food, and making wishes this Chuseok.”

In the video, both actors talked about their experiences of working on multiple projects around each other and how the extraordinary chemistry between the two actors ensued due to their previous interactions. When asked about his expectations from the movie, Chani said, “They took good care of me so I was able to shoot comfortably. Now, we have become close enough to know what each other is thinking just by looking at their eyes.” Park Yoona added on about their friendly relationship by saying, “He was like a real little brother, so we joked around a lot and it was comfortable when we worked together.”

Watch the interview video here:



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