SF9 'Turn Over': Air time, tracklist, how to stream K-pop group's 'tarot and runes' 9th mini-album

After participating in Mnet's 'Kingdom', SF9 returns with 'Turn Over' on Monday, July 5. The teaser announcements use the language of runes and tarot

                            SF9 'Turn Over': Air time, tracklist, how to stream K-pop group's 'tarot and runes' 9th mini-album
SF9 (Twitter)

After participating in the fierce Mnet survival show, ‘Kingdom’, the 9-member boy group is back with their 9th mini-album, ‘Turn Over’. To be released on July 5th, 2021, SF9 has been dropping teasers about the concept and the music video. With the use of Nordic runes and tarot culture, the group kept their fans on their toes as to what this comeback would be like. Not only that, apparently their time on 'Kingdom' was full of spoilers too.

Turns out Yoo Taeyang’s performance film, parts from ‘The Stealer’ and even ‘Move’ were all hints about what to expect for this comeback. Along with that, ‘Believer’, the finale track for ‘Kingdom’ is part of the album’s tracklist. However, fans were amused that the group had used rune language for the announcements and that they had to rack their brains to decipher it. To keep things even more interesting, SF9 had a tarot card reading event where the fans, as well as the members, could have their cards read.

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SF9 (Twitter)

Turn Over SF9 Tarot

The tarot event which was titled ‘Turn Over SF9 Tarot’ was a fun bit of online activity that got SF9 trending on Twitter. Fans, as well as SF9, could have their tarot cards read in relation to the members. And of course, we could count on Inseong, the mood maker of the group to make it fun. He tried tarot reading with anyone he could think of, from Bruno Mars to his next-door neighbour. With three concepts that may very well be heaven, hell and the kingdom, we got to see 3 different sides of the members all looking exquisite in outfits meant for royalty. The aesthetics of this album got fans excited to see the album art, the tarot-like photo cards and posters. Even the highlight medley and the music video teasers for the title track, ‘Tear Drop’ were equally mesmerizing.

SF9 (Twitter)

Date and time

The album as well as the music video for the title track, ‘Tear Drop’ will be released on July 5th, 2021 at 6 PM KST (5 AM ET) and the showcase will be at 7 PM KST (6 AM ET).

Where to watch and stream

The music video will be available on the company, FNCEnt’s official YouTube channel. The showcase will be streamed on VLive. The album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.


SF9 Turn Over tracklist (Twitter)

1. ‘Tear Drop’ - Title Track
2. ‘Believer’
3. ‘Love Again’
4. ‘Off My Mind’
5. ‘Fanatic’
6. ‘Hey Hi Bye’

Rappers Zuho and Hwiyoung were involved in writing the lyrics for all 6 of the tracks. Leader and rapper, Youngbin too was involved in the lyrics for 5 of the tracks except ‘Love Again’. Chani, who is also a rapper, contributed to the lyrics in the 'Kingdom' track, ‘Believer’, ‘Off My Mind’ and ‘Fanatic’. 



'Tear Drop' seems to be a nod to their previous music videos as the boys play with time in the teasers. Watch the 2 teasers below.





One Fantasy commented, “Lmao look at the amount of REVERSE in the MV teasers, their concept teaser is truly about reversing the misfortunes given by Glory (Good Guy and Summer Breeze; the snakes). Well planned.” Another tweeted, “from the visuals to the set everything looks really pleasing to the eyes i’m so excited.” One fan was couldn’t help but point out Inseong going overboard during the tarot event, “inseong trying the tarot reading with his name, his members, fnc entertainment, sf9 managers, his mom, his dad, bruno mars, kyunghee university, the next door/house ahjussi.. he's trying everything atp i mean who's next???” 




Others were entertained by the whole tarot thing in the first place, “WHAT IS TURN OVER SF9 TAROT?? did they become fortune tellers now.” One fan couldn’t help but see the parallels with the show, Shadowhunters, “imagine these runes on sf9.” Another tweeted, “fantasys gonna start communicating using runes now thank you very much sf9 ᛚᛖᛏ'ᛋ ᚷᛟ ᚠᚨᚾᛏᚨᛋᚤᛋ”




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