SF9's Zuho to star in hip-hop medical sitcom 'Emergency' and new web drama in October

Zuho is currently shooting for 'Emergency,' which will release on October 22. He is also the main lead in a web drama set to release on October 27

                            SF9's Zuho to star in hip-hop medical sitcom 'Emergency' and new web drama in October
SF9's Zuho has two back to back K-drama releases with the sitcom 'Emergency' releasing on October 22 (@zuuuuu_oh/Instagram, Clamp/YouTube)

As the end of the year draws close, the K-pop group SF9 engages in more solo acting projects as most of the members have scheduled releases for the month of October. The K-pop group made their official comeback in the year 2021 after their appearance on the survival show, 'Kingdom Legendary War' where the boys competed against five other popular K-pop groups for the title. 

SF9 released their ninth mini-album, 'Turn Over' in July of 2021 with the title track 'Tear Drop.' Soon after, all members of SF9 went ahead to engage in solo projects like acting gigs and more. Four of the nine members of SF9 have scheduled releases for October of 2021, keeping Fantasys (SF9 fans) spoiled for content.


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SF9 members in lead roles

SF9's Jaeyoon is currently starring in a web drama titled, 'Love In Blackhole'. Member Chani, only seen in minor roles in the past, has bagged not one but two lead roles in the Kakao TV original, 'Jinx', and the horror movie, 'White Day' releasing on October 6.

SF9's Rowoon has become a household name, thanks to lead roles in dramas like 'Extraordinary You' and 'She Would Never Know,' and earned accolades as one of the many leading actors from the current generation. He will be seen in a new K-drama titled, 'The King's Affection' which will release on KBS and Netflix simultaneously starting October 11.


Zuho cast in two projects

Joining other SF9 members, Zuho, the group's main rapper is also set to star in not one but two projects. Zuho will appear on the Tving sitcom, 'Emergency' in a supporting role which is set to release on October 22. He will also play the main lead for a web drama titled 'Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident,' which is set to release on October 27.

The sitcom 'Emergency' is Tving's original 'Hip-Hop Medical' show, which is a light-hearted comedy program that will feature idols who are rappers. These rappers are tired of slogging nonstop in the competitive Korean music industry and have come to seek mental release at a hospital called 'Doctor Yang Mental Care Center'. The hip-hop idols take on the roles of various characters at the hospital.

The characters in 'Emergency' include SF9's Zuho who takes on the role of a character called Deputy Baek. Baek is a salesperson at a pharmaceutical company. Fans are intrigued by the premise and look forward to seeing Zuho take on the role of a salesperson and tickle their funny bones.

Watch the cast in a pre-release video promoting the show here:


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