SF9 member Chani bags two lead roles after impressing fans as a supporting actor in K-dramas

Besides the lead role in a new fantasy horror movie, SF9 member Chani’s agency also announced his appearance in a web drama 'Miracle' alongside Kang Minah

                            SF9 member Chani bags two lead roles after impressing fans as a supporting actor in K-dramas
SF9's Chani is getting better acting gigs (@c_chani_i/Instagram)

After being cast in recent popular dramas as a supporting character, fans of SF9's Chani (Kang Chan-hee) will finally be able to see their fave in two lead roles for his upcoming projects. Chani has been catching quite the buzz lately, all thanks to starring in supporting roles in popular K-dramas like tvN's 'True Beauty' and KBS' 'Imitation' alongside other popular SF9 member, Hwiyoung. 

In the drama 'True Beauty', Chani played the role of a K-pop idol who commits suicide due to false accusations. Fans loved his role even though he was only on screen for a very little amount of time and only for a few episodes. He played the role of Seyeon who was best friends with Cha Eunwoo’s character Suho and Hwang Inyeop’s character Seojun.


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Chani most recently appeared on tvN’s ‘Imitation’

In the drama 'Imitation' fans were quick to notice Chani's presence or lack thereof. Chani made a short cameo while fellow bandmate Hwiyoung appeared on screen for a longer period of time alongside a few ATEEZ members like Yunho, Jongho, San and Seonghwa. After being a very important character in the first few episodes of the drama, fans missed Chani throughout the show.

But in the second half of 2021, fans will get to witness Chani on screen a lot more. Reportedly, he is currently working on a new fantasy horror movie, based on the PC game ‘White Day: A Labyrinth Called School.’ The movie is said to be about a group of high schoolers who struggle to save their friends from evil spirits that are cause strange phenomena to occur late at night in their school. Alongside that, on August 2, FNC Entertainment, Chani's acting agency confirmed his appearance in a new web drama titled 'Miracle.'



What is ‘Miracle’ all about?

In this upcoming drama Chani will star in the lead role alongside Kang Minah, popularly known for her supporting role in ‘True Beauty’. Even though both Chani and Minah appeared on the same drama, they did not share any screen time with one another. The upcoming drama will see Chani and Minah in lead roles. 'Miracle' is an idol romance drama depicting the story of young people who overcome trials and grow with the power of miraculous love. Chani is set to play a world-famous artist Louise while Minah takes on the role of Lee So Rin, an aspiring idol who becomes a content creator afterwards. Minah was last seen in her first lead appearance in the drama 'At A Distance Spring is Green'. Chani and Minah also shared the screen in a 2019 Olleh TV web drama 'Love In Your Taste,' a drama woven around a collection of love stories and heartbreaks where each person's favorite food cravings are discussed as they fall in and out of love. In this short drama, Chani played the role Yoon Dan who experienced unrequited love with Minah's character Cho Ee.

‘Go get that Oscar Chani’

Fans react to Chani's upcoming horror movie update and shower him with love and best wishes. One fan said, "Our Chani!" where another was extremely proud and confident of Chani's potential saying, "Go get that Oscar Chani," while another fan gets emotional and says, "Chani was filming for this movie back in 2019, can’t wait to see his performance". Many other fans wished Chani good luck with "Kang Chani fighting!" and "Let's go Chani."