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'The King's Affection': Super Junior's K.R.Y drop OST song for SF9 Rowoon's K-drama

'The King's Affection,' the K-drama starring SF9’s Rowoon, aired its first episode yesterday on October 11 and can also be seen on Netflix
Super Junior's vocal sub-unit K.R.Y wowed fans with the OST number for 'The King's Affection' (@superjunior, @kbsdrama/Instagram)
Super Junior's vocal sub-unit K.R.Y wowed fans with the OST number for 'The King's Affection' (@superjunior, @kbsdrama/Instagram)

The older generation of K-pop fans are getting 'fed' quite well these days as more and more second-gen K-pop groups are becoming active this year. From CNBLUE and SHINee to 2PM and 2AM’s comebacks, the idols that laid the foundation for the global Hallyu Wave are returning after completing their mandatory military enlistment. Super Junior is one of them. From releasing their 10th album to celebrating the 10th anniversary of the sub-unit D&E, the group is booked and busy. And now we have K.R.Y coming back for SF9 Rowoon’s K-drama.

Initially having 13 members, Super Junior was one of the first K-pop groups to start the concept of a sub-unit. Some believe that Super Junior - K.R.Y is the first sub-unit of the second-gen K-pop idols and the first major sub-unit that is still part of its initial group in general. Consisting of the ballad kings, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung, they debuted in 2006. They originally started off by lending their voices to OSTs since their heavenly vocals are perfect for the usual romantic K-drama soundtracks. Now, they are coming back with a bang for the K-drama OST of ‘The King’s Affection’.

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K.R.Y to sing for ‘The King’s Affection’

Super Junior - K.R.Y released their first EP ever in 2020 after their last OST appearance in 2012. But K-drama fans and ELFs (Super Junior’s fandom) were wondering when they would get a new OST song from the sub-unit. Well, last week, fans accidentally found out that they would be coming back when KBS’ list of approved songs for broadcast was made public. And on October 12, K.R.Y released the song ‘Shadow of You’ as the first OST song for ‘The King’s Affection’. The K-drama starring SF9’s Rowoon aired its first episode yesterday on October 11 and can also be seen on Netflix.

‘Shadow of You’ is a sorrowful ballad that chronicles the painful secrets that the protagonists must keep in order to protect their loved ones. The Crown Prince is accidentally killed and is replaced by his twin sister Dami. Now masquerading as the prince, no one can know that she is a woman. But Rowoon’s character complicates things as he is on a hunt to find the missing Dami he had befriended before she replaced her brother.


He turns up as the prince’s teacher and now Dami must struggle to keep her identity a secret and bury the romantic feelings she has for him. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung’s voices blend well as they sing about the emotional struggle she faces. The melancholic song is full of haunting violin and piano sounds that mark the sub-unit’s triumphant return to the OST business.

Watch the music video for the OST below: