SBS’ Loud: Release date, spoilers, contestants and all you need to know about K-pop survival show

The long-awaited K-Pop survival show with JYP Entertainment’s Park Jinyoung and P Nation’s Psy is to be shown live

                            SBS’ Loud: Release date, spoilers, contestants and all you need to know about K-pop survival show
SBS will broadcast remaining episodes of the survival show 'Loud' (SBS)

The battle between two powerhouse producers and artists, Park Jinyoung (JYP) and Psy to get both their labels a new boy group has been going on for quite some time. The audition rounds of the show went on for eleven episodes as both mentors recruited boys to join their debut group.

With that, JYP picked 9 contestants to compete for his boy group while Psy picked 10 members for his boy group. A live telecast of all the episodes will now determine which of these nineteen participants get to stay and debut as members of a new K-Pop group with JYP Entertainment and P Nation. The contestants who initially participated individually will now perform as a group against each other where the pride of each of the two agencies is at stake on 'Loud'.


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JYP’s Contestants

The contestants to join Team JYP were Lee Gyehoon, K Joo, Amaru, Jo Doohyun, Lee Donghyun, Yoon Min, Kang Hyeonwoo, Park Yonggun and Yoon Dongyeon.

What seemed like a slow beginning for JYP does not seem like an unplanned one. JYP carefully picked his contestants while Psy appeared to be hasty from the start. Among the contestants with JYP, Lee Gyehoon and K Joo were participants who ranked first and second in the 'pre-fan vote' which are sure to be proved as assets for JYP. Other contestants like Amaru, Jo Doohyeon, and Yoonmin are also attracting attention from fans due to their stable skills and visuals.


P Nation’s Contestants

The contestants to join Team P NATION were Cheon Junhyeok, Woo Kyungjun, Eunhwi, Koki, Choi Taehoon, Daniel Zhuge, Oh Seongjun, Lee Yedam, Kim Donghyun, and Jang Hyeonsoo.

While JYP was slower to select 9 participants to join his team, Psy picked his 10 contestants faster. Psy heralded the arrival of a boy group that will have members who have production skills as well. Contestants like Eunhwi, Yedam Lee, and Daniel Zhuge have shown their genius through the audition episodes while contestants like Oh Seongjun and Kim Donghyun while Cheon Junhyeok, Woo Kyungjun also landed on the Top 5 spots in the ‘pre-fan vote.’

The first live broadcast of ‘Loud’ which is the 12th episode of the show, which will see the emergent of new boy groups for JYP Entertainment and P Nation aired on SBS Network on August 21 at 8:55 PM KST (7:55 AM ET). This will be followed by 4 more episodes weekly.