HyunA and Dawn to star in their own reality show, fans want what K-pop couple has

On completing 5 years of their relationship, fans of HyunA and Dawn will get to see the couple together on their own reality show

                            HyunA and Dawn to star in their own reality show, fans want what K-pop couple has
The couple is set to appear a reality show titled 'I'm fine thank you, and you' (@hyunah_aa, @hyojong_1994/Instagram)

HyunA and Dawn (Hyo Jong) have been in a healthy relationship publicly since 2018 and revealed that they had been seeing each other since 2016. They were both labelmates under Cube Entertainment. HyunA performed as a solo artist and Dawn (then known as E-Dawn) was a part of K-Pop group Pentagon. In the year 2018, both HyunA and Dawn’s contracts were terminated by the label.

The couple may have been seeing each other since before their project ‘Triple H’ under Cube Entertainment which also featured Dawn’s bandmate from Pentagon, Hui. After the project, HyunA and Dawn kept their relationship under wraps but had to make things public when both their contracts were terminated by Cube with the statement that they were unable to maintain trust with them as artists. It has been pretty smooth sailing ever since as Dawn and HyunA both were both welcomed by Psy’s label P Nation alongside other solo artists like Psy himself, Jessi, Crush, Heize, and D. Ark


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Dawn-HyunA collab

On August 12, when Psy took to P Nation’s official social media handles to announce a new project coming on September 9 this year, fans started speculating a HyunA and Dawn collab. The reason behind this speculation could be that in the announcement picture, Psy was seen wearing sunglasses which had the shadow of two human figures.

On August 13, P Nation re-shared the post announcing the release of a new reality show whose potential title is ‘I’m fine thank you, and you?’ The show will display the relationship and day-to-day life of HyunA and Dawn. They captioned the announcement saying, “Check out the day-to-day life of the lovely couple, HyunA & DAWN. Stay tuned.” The show is hosted by Studio Lululala which is a digital content production label owned by JTBC Studio. They teased the reality show with a post on their official social networks a few days ago which had then left fans confused.


Fans are here for the romance

Korean idols dating has been a controversial topic and the reason why many idols rarely ever make their relationships public is due to the toxic fan culture. Both HyunA and Dawn had to keep their relationship private for a long time and had their label drop them because of the negative attention they would attract as they dated one another. After joining Psy’s label P Nation, the couple has garnered its own fan base that cherishes and respects the couple as they are. Here is what fans had to say about the new reality show.

One fan said, "I hope everyone gets to have the same relationship Hyuna and dawn has." Another said, "I can’t wait for Hyuna and Dawn show together." While one said, "HYUNA AND DAWN ARE DOING A SHOW OMG?"






Another fan said, "Pnation retweeted a post celebrating hyuna and dawn being a couple and i love it so much, we need more of that." And another added, "Hyuna and Dawn have been dating for 5 years now. I can't remember what I was doing 5 years ago hmmmm." While another said, "Hyuna y Dawn 100% real." Another said, "My true parents."










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