Why was Hyuna hospitalized? Singer was filming duo debut music video with boyfriend Dawn

Why was Hyuna hospitalized? Singer was filming duo debut music video with boyfriend Dawn
Hyuna and Dawn to debut together (@hyunah_aa/Instagram)

K-pop ‘it couple’ Hyuna and Dawn are going to debut together by releasing their first duet in September. The K-pop world has been obsessed with the couple ever since they revealed that they had been dating. Their love story is one for the books. They faced all kinds of obstacles together and are still going strong. In fact, with Cube landing themselves in hot water last week, fans have been talking about the injustice done to this couple.

Cube Entertainment has a very strict policy and is known to drop artists on the slightest rule violations. When they found out that their artists Dawn and Hyuna were dating, they ended their contracts without telling the couple. Both Hyuna and Dawn had to find out through the news that they’d been fired. The disheartened duo had to start anew by signing with PSY’s label P Nation. But it looks like they’re thriving there. The industry has commended PSY for being a sympathetic and hands-on boss, taking care of each and every artist.


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Hyuna and Dawn to debut together

Hyuna and Dawn were the first idol couple to perform together at a year-end function which left fans breathless. And now the two seem to have formed a unit of sorts and will be debuting together. Previously, they were part of the supergroup Triple H, which consisted of Hyuna, Dawn and his former group’s member, Hui of Pentagon. The trio released some of the most iconic songs like ‘365 Fresh’ and ‘Retro Future’.

The couple has constantly been tugging fans’ hearts with their adorable PDA. From celebrating Hyuna’s birthday in matching white outfits that sparked wedding rumors to having matching tattoos, they’re relationship goals. Additionally, three days ago, it was also revealed that they would be having a reality show ‘I’m fine thank you, and you?’ (working title). And now, it seems that the two will also be collaborating musically.

The two have gone as far as to have comebacks on the same day and mention each other in their songs. But this is their first musical collaboration with just the two of them. They have been currently filming the music video. The duet is set to be released on September 9 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET). Psy supported the track by posting an excited photograph of himself. Hyuna also posted a short clip of the music video that reveals a vibrant setup and energetic choreography.


Unfortunately, while filming, Hyuna collapsed on the set several times and an ambulance had to be called. After recovering, she wrote a letter on August 16 assuring fans that she was better and would take good care of herself. She also apologized to her fans and to Dawn for the incident. She thanked him and her fans for their support and ended the letter by saying that she loves them.


This is not the first time she has fainted on set. Previously, she fainted during her ‘I’m Not Cool’ comeback in August 2020 which led to a delay in its release. She had revealed through a letter in November 2019 that she was diagnosed with Vasovagal Syncope. She explained that it is not too harmful and the most common symptom is fainting. But she decided to open up because she did not want her fans to worry.

‘Best artists’

Fans took to Twitter to share their support and their excitement for the couple’s duo debut. One fan tweeted, “HYUNA AND DAWN WILL BE THE FIRST IDOL COUPLE TO DUO DEBUT IN THE INDUSTRY!” Another added, “Best artists & couple goal to debut as duo in September? HyunA & Dawn MADE MY DAY.” One fan posted, “If hyuna is healthy, we are happy.” Another brought back their performance on MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon, “Hyuna and dawn sharing their love locked in a cage but now they're debuting as a duo.. can't wait for all new things coming for them!!!!”





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