DAY6's Young K set to release solo album 'Eternal', Jae Park talks about solo project

Two of the five members of K-pop band DAY6 have announced are going forward with their solo projects

                            DAY6's Young K set to release solo album 'Eternal', Jae Park talks about solo project
Young K and Jae Parl of DAY6 have announced their solo ventures (@day6official/Twitter)

K-pop has been bustling with summer comebacks since August and it is probably going to continue for another few months. In the past few weeks, the fandom has seen popular groups like TXT, Red Velvet, Ateez, CIX, and Cravity making group comebacks while a few members of Pentagon and WayV went on to collaborate for singles. DAY6, JYP Entertainment’s rock boy band, is all set to have not one but two members engage in solo activities. 

Jae of DAY6 has already ventured onto a new project that started last year titled, ‘eaJ’, which is just his name spelled backwards. This is Jae’s (or eaJ as he calls himself) personal music project, and he has started performing by himself for the first time after debuting with other DAY6 members. Jae describes his project as a journey back to his roots - a way to discover a new sound. For his project, Jae has already released 10 songs as eaJ, some of which he is soon going to perform on stage in front of an audience.


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YoungK goes solo

Young K on the other hand is another member of DAY6 who has announced a solo project that is set to release in September. His Even of Day sub-unit released ‘So, This Is Love’ as part of the music show ‘Secret Atelier’ in January. All members of DAY6 came together for their ninth mini-album, ‘The Book of Us: Negentropy’, which was released back in April. June was the last time we saw Young K make music as part of Even of Day. Finally, JYP Entertainment has confirmed that Young K is preparing a solo album. 

On August 20, DAY6’s official Twitter account posted an update regarding the solo album. Young K is set to have his solo debut with his 1st mini-album titled, ‘Eternal’, which will be released on September 6, 2021 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET.) Talking about his debut, Young K said that he was overwhelmed by the response My Days (their fandom) gave to his solo debut news and wrote a message to thank them. He went live and announced that he will be enlisting for his mandatory military service after his debut. It is reported that he will enlist on October 12 and will join KATUSA.


Jae Park will perform his songs in the US

In an interview with VICE, Jae Park of DAY6 talked about what it was like to go from performing as a group member with DAY6 to performing solo for the first time in Los Angeles at 88Rising’s ‘Head In The Clouds’ music festival. It was also a homecoming of sorts for Jae as he grew up in California, and at the festival, he won’t be appearing as part of DAY6 but all by himself as eaJ. Jae is also set to feature in K-Pop idol Seori’s song ‘Drive With You’, which is releasing on August 22, at 6 pm KST (5 am ET.)

With the group’s leader, Sungjin, already enlisted in the military, and now his fellow band member all set to follow suit, it is quite possible that the group will not be able to perform as a whole for a while now. Jae on the other hand is still trying to figure out how to position himself as a solo artist. In his interview, with VICE he said, “I’m excited and scared to see what it is like to perform alone. Like that performance is weighing on my mind… I’m afraid because I’m not used to having this kind of pressure on me.”